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Username: emmyclo-u_1
Gender: Female
Last Online: 31 Jan 2022, 8:55 am
Registered: 29 May 2020, 5:48 am

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current space for villagers : 1

I have did, loona is the best headmate i could have asked for, if you ever wanna talk to her, just ask

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    • Yeah fatal frame is a good one. I got a ghost camera game on my 3DS sort of like fatal frame but you have to walk around your house to finds spirits take pictures to remove them so instead of having a 3D world to explore you're pretty much playing it through your house, kinda cool.

    • Funny enough as someone who likes Horror. I dislike horror movies. those movies are too predicable, and not much fun watching knowing how it will all go down from start to end. I prefer horror games sense you can't really know what will happen mostly those pick and choose adventure games.

    • makes sense but I guess I never experienced that around Halloween. just a normal holiday where I am.

    • Halloween is my top #1 fave holiday yes. I picked dragon maw manor because I thought it would be dragon based. but Halloween is nice too, it was my first village and only village I've been, never moved.

    • thank you for buying in my shop, was that cat male or female? I can't remember

    • Well that's cool I like MLP also. Not the old MLP only friendship is magic the art style is cute,

    • Well what is it your interested in? I'm mostly a gamer and watch anime nothing special, also into horror stuff.

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