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Username: Gummydoodles
Gender: Non-Binary: He/They
Last Online: 16 Jan 2024, 11:09 pm
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⭐️ Gummy | 23yo ⭐️
✨ Freelance Digital Artist and General Hobbyist ✨

I decided suddenly that I wanted to quit furvilla, so I have resigned from the position of helper that I applied for. My guides are no longer going to be updated. I've had a few people check in with me understandably concerned that something happened, so I'm sharing this response here:

My choice to leave is from a combination of things.
1. I realized I wasn't having as much fun anymore and kept longing for the time to work on my own projects.
2. My partner pointed out that my relationship with the game had become unhealthy for me in the sense that I was on it basically all the time and constantly willing to lose sleep and quality time for it.

I've been away long enough to detach myself from the habit of checking the site, so I don't plan on returning. Addendum as to why:

3. My serpents pot, a main site feature, has been broken since July 5th 2023. Broken meaning a persistent 503 that prevents loading the page at all, seemingly permanently. My report ticket has received a few responses from staff with no record of updates or attempts to fix from the designated site coder at all.
4. The Radio Silence from the Owners Aspen and Quinn, to both us and apparently their staff. No OFB Fest ended up coming, so it was skipped not postponed. They instead pushed out the Black Friday Sale and refused to make a statement to their userbase in a timely and professional manner, despite showing a few times over that they have seen the feedback.

Tldr is that I reflected on how I used the site and realized that I wanted to use that same passion and drive to further my own creative endeavors, while also distancing myself from a thing that was unhealthy from my overuse and overcommitment.

Thank you to the community for a wonderful time, I'll be elsewhere :P


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