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User ID: #121741
Username: Gummydoodles
Gender: Non-Binary: He/They
Last Online: 1 Feb 2023, 11:41 pm
Registered: 16 Oct 2018, 1:21 pm

Profile description

Icon by fauxxcrow (Background by me)
Art by Dream-Treader
I prefer to be called Gummy or Oliver, I am an adult and my preferred pronouns are They/He. I am okay with any pronoun, just use what feels best, its all affirming in some way to me <3

I do have a (currently) invite-only-Furvilla-Oriented Discord Server, so if you would like an invite let me know! We sometimes host super rad giveaways and there's lots of places to share art/pets/games/oc's/and Furvilla shenanigans! Please do note that you MAY run into other users that you have blocked (or have you blocked). Don't be nasty or trial anyone; just ignore them or don't join if you can't be civil. That being said, I am very strict about blocks so if someone is pestering or questioning you about a block, even privately, do not respond and let me know, as that is against both Furvilla and Server Rules. If you feel something/one is reportable to On-Site Staff I won't disagree with evidence.
That said, we are generally all on our best behavior and the server is slow/low-stress most of the time.
Current User-List
Gummydoodles Dream-Treader Grechtinjuarez StrayChowChow

-Salamander- alias Archwee CloudiiSunset DimkaDimintriFeline Eternal01 Grinfok Marii Necroam Okamidachi Pikabolt RippleStarShards Risen sciencesparrow StygianNymph Swampkeeper TieThief untoldultimatum Xedoc

My profile is currently under construction, wear your hard hat!

You see an ornate crystal-accented caravan pulled by two Stardust Uni passing through Quetzal Palace. The caravans nomadic villagers are working as a team to gather native seeds and materials, stuffing the items in iridescent jars as the caravan moves onward to other lands. The villagers notice you and wave a polite hello!

An otherworldly trade caravan adorned with colored glass and crystals wanders throughout the Known World, never truly tied to one place for very long. The travelers that inhabit it have few similarities with eachother aside from their unanimous thirst for adventure. Each member is a self-proclaimed adventurer that joined the caravan when it passed through their village boasting stories of their journeys. As time passed, more and more villagers joined the caravan one by one, longing for adventure and purpose in the natural world.

If I am in a village that you need village-specific materials or recipes from, let me know and I can grab them for you! No markup in price (owo)b

(Eternally Seeking Wishlist)
Materials + Items
(Super Sky Rock, Chocolate Candycorn, Vial of Lifewater, Warrior's Elixir, Paintie Ticket)
5672-super-sky-rock.png 1894-chocolate-candycorn.png 6541-a-vial-of-lifewater.png 2183-warriors-elixir.png 641-paintie-ticket.png

(One-Time Wishlist)

(Long-Term Goalz)
♡ Ohhh my... I'm gonna be here like... forever lol ♡
(Ignore this, it's not a wishlist, I am putting this here to remind me what I want to earn/complete)
~ Paintie for each of my OCs
~ Matching Custom CSS for User Profile and Villager Pages (Non-Template if I can manage to LEARN)
~ 30 Total Active Worker Slots
~ At least one Maxed Villager per Career
~ 1 of every default/costume/recolor villager color
~ **1 of every Item in Storage (0/7614) >>' Oh boy
~ Full Collections
~ Perfect *chef's kiss* Keepsake/Outfit/Minipet combo for Paintied Villagers
~ Give Gummi Glitterosclerosis Illness

** Check my collection progress for my storage! **
I'm working on adding every item to the spreadsheet just for funsies, so I'll likely add like 100 a day till it's all filled out, then I'll start collecting :3c

Villagers 12

Comments 42

    • WOUGH I can't believe I missed that, thanks for letting me know! ^^

    • Ack, so sorry, it’s been a crazy week. -_-
      I should have room now. ^^

    • No worries about the mixup! <3

    • Lols thanks again for the info... yes i will buy one for fun

    • Oh suoer sky rocks... hmm gotta try that... i dont use the serpents pot much anymore OwO

    • Oh no! I must have done that by accident! I'm so sorry, i would like it resent, please.

    • Yes, actually! I tagged the paintie with lookalike - the person who I obtained the file from. :)

    • Thank you! I was a little confused cuz I’d mostly seen people RP’ing at least a little, and one or two event runners had said they ever preferred it. XD
      Thanks for the clarification and encouragement! =)

    • I might file a ticket. I am on mobile i have reloaded the page, closed my browser to re-open..... though samsung browser has been weird it might be that.

    • pleasure doing business with u!!! :3

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