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User ID: #158337
Username: Eternal01
Gender: Male
Last Online: 18 May 2022, 11:55 am
Registered: 7 Nov 2019, 8:53 am

Profile description

Welcome to my profile! i like s p a c e, galaxy stuff... and pokemon (snom cool), i like drawing demons most of the time!

Cool fact about me: im one of the nicest people on this site, so if your ever feeling down, come message me!

(the best thing that Itsa_me_Trashy ever said)


(*salutes @nevethedragon for a great roleplay*)


(another rp ends, to be honest, i loved this one a lot...)

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    • Without being looked at like you're insane, Yes.

      Though, tbh. Most of the stares are prolly due to my appearance. Little 5'2 chick with a dyed undercut who wears paperclips and safety pins as earrings.

      Yeah that's probably why

    • Yeah I didn't realize that until just now actually

      Tbh, Im already the weird person that everyone wants to avoid in public spaces so I'm not surprised-

    • it's Tuesday for me-

      That reminds me of something I said earlier, actually. I was at the grocery store with my grandma, and there was a kid screaming, so I just said "Don't you love the sound of children screaming on a Tuesday afternoon?"

    • we like the f o n k here

    • Holly cow how old are you? your voice with your mic...........................sheesh sound like your 18 or 20 or just a very sleep deprived teen

    • okay I'm leaving you with a choice, Join the Jaegers or the hell-touched please, I need to stop having you in so many rps, I know your bored but still

    • Yesyesyes! I loved the little drawing so much, I wanted to animate it!

    • you posted on the person below you game yea i'm bi

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