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User ID: #158337
Username: Eternal01
Gender: Male
Last Online: 12 Jun 2024, 9:46 am
Registered: 7 Nov 2019, 8:53 am

Profile description

Ah, hello space traveller! welcome to the profile of the great Eternal01! here you will find that i like Pokemon, Space stuff, Drawing demonic entities, furries, robotic beings, creepy kirby dudes (that one is for my toyhouse), and many other things! we hope you enjoy your travels with this grand being :3

The Almighty Links!!!!

Toyhouse (where i keep my art of the many characters i own! so many beautiful specimens...): https://toyhou.se/LazyArcticFox

Instagram (includes art and other such stuff! like stuff i do off-site, i guess (please make sure not to leak my real name and/or my face over here, that is a no-no >:c)): https://www.instagram.com/lazy_arctic_fox/

Artfight (started 2023, still going strong!): https://artfight.net/~LaziestFoxEver


(below is a section from the old version of this profile, archived cus i like it still)

(the best thing that Itsa_me_Trashy ever said)


(*salutes @nevethedragon for a great roleplay*)


(another rp ends, to be honest, i loved this one a lot...)

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    • I’ve yet to get a toyhouse so you can credit me here :3

    • Spryggan, the fairy, and I had a blast trick or treating at your house! We especially loved that last encounter; Spryggan had lots of fun running around and making mischief with Shifter. Thanks for running the event!

    • Tysm for drawing Mallory! She looks adorable!

    • Uhh ya for a little bit I’m sorry dude

    • Without being looked at like you're insane, Yes.

      Though, tbh. Most of the stares are prolly due to my appearance. Little 5'2 chick with a dyed undercut who wears paperclips and safety pins as earrings.

      Yeah that's probably why

    • Yeah I didn't realize that until just now actually

      Tbh, Im already the weird person that everyone wants to avoid in public spaces so I'm not surprised-

    • it's Tuesday for me-

      That reminds me of something I said earlier, actually. I was at the grocery store with my grandma, and there was a kid screaming, so I just said "Don't you love the sound of children screaming on a Tuesday afternoon?"

    • we like the f o n k here

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