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User ID: #119190
Username: Versoa
Gender: Radioactive
Last Online: 6 Jul 2022, 11:05 am
Registered: 16 Aug 2018, 3:33 pm

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I- I change my CSS a lot don't worry about me though i'm fin e

HEY! Are you feeling a little blue? Send me a DM and I will send you a random wholesome image, or a post from r/mademesmile! :) <3 ❤ ♡ No matter who you are, you are precious loved, and worthy! Ily!

FurVilla's resident uranium obsessed nerd

Grimm/Tae ☢ Female ☢ INTP-T ☢ True Neutral

Greetings and salutations! I go by Versoa here, though you may refer to me as Grimm, or I will also accept the use of "Tae" if you're close enough to me (Basically unless you're on my friends list down below, please refrain from using it.) I'm female and use she/her pronouns. I'm an artist who specializes in all things abnormal and creepy. I absolutely love totalitarian/dystopian sci-fi books like 1984 and Fahrenheit 451, which I'm proud to say I own and have read both of. I also collect uranium glass and have a decent collection going. If you ever wish to talk about anything you absolutely may send me a DM here, or for a quicker response over on Discord! (@ Versoa#1259). I wish you all a lovely day/night!

And a quick warning before we continue; If you don't like excessive swearing, gore, or bright colors I politely suggest you vamoose because I don't wanna upset anyone

@Logan_the_hellhound is a precious edgy tofu marshmallow flouf tHing- go tease them. But don't tell them I sent you hehe <3

Some of my other beautiful friends you should talk to! ^^


Other places you can find me!

Discord - Versoa#1259
Toyhou.se - Versoa
Reddit - Aqua-Dragon
Instagram - Versoaa Inactive
TikTok - @Plaguedocgarnet Inactive
Twitter - Versoaaa (proceed with caution, I swear and talk about politics a lot and make horribly crude/dirty jokes :'0)
YouTube - Versoa Inactive
FlightRising - Versoa Semi-Active
Dragon Cave RoseGem Semi-Active
DeviantArt - DrGarnet (Dr.Garnet) Inactive
Carrd - Versoa

Interests (Feel free to DM me and talk about any of em!) *** is my current obsession ** is a favorite and * means I just enjoy it passively

***Radioactive things (Uranium glass mostly)
***Military/War stuff

**The Maze Runner (and other apocalyptic Sci-Fi things hehe,,)
**Plague Doctors :))))
**Aliens and space in general
*Sally face
*Medical Dramas
*Jack Stauber

Not a mod or helper but still glad to help!
Feel free to message me or send a friend request! I don't bite! :)


708-shifty-morphing-potion.png (I hoard them)
furdollars.gif furcoins.gif

CSS base by Lu edits by myself (lmao I suck at CSS :,))

Great song recommended by 10/10 dentists /hj

[/color] (keeping this here just to make you mad, heheh)

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    • Prince Pestilence is sweet


    • I'm tempted to try it now, hehehe


      also chocolate hamburgers don't sound too bad tbh- <.<

    • No problem ^^

    • Just makin' sure... >_>

    • Lots of things.

    • *cries in also eats chicken bones sometimes-*

    • I guess??

    • Idk man??
      Though our teach from last year moved to Virginia right in the middle of the school year, and the way she taught online could only be described as pathetic-
      But the few days she was there she was really chill too so idk what to think-

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