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Username: thisperson10
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Registered: 5 Jun 2019, 1:55 pm

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Hello! My name is Lydia, but you can call me Person, This, 10, Lyd, or Lid, it doesn't matter to me which you pick. I try to be as nice as possible, but I'm a passionate person, and I might seem a bit unapproachable at times. I'm always willing to help, so don't be afraid to ask me for some!

From time to time I tend to get in a depressed mood, so please be patient with me. It's most likely just me trying to vent, since I don't think of myself very highly.

I tend to get obsessed with certain topics, and these obsessions can last from months to years (my longest was this god-awful story on a planet called Terra, which was a mash of a bunch of IP's and the bad writing skills of a 10-13 year old). Some of my fixations have been (get ready, this is a long list):

~Terraria (alongside the Calamity mod and others)
~Mega Man
~Warrior Cats
~Dark Souls
~Gravity Falls
~Star Trek: Voyager
~Hotline Miami
~Mother Russia Bleeds
~Wings of Fire
~Five Nights at Freddy's (and some of it's fangames, mostly ONaF, and even some of the spinoffs like Freddy in Space 2 and FNaF World)
~Zuma's Revenge (kind of.... when I was like 8 or something)
~Family Guy
~Super Smash Bros. Brawl
~Detroit: Become Human
~Cookie Run
~Animal Jam
~Rammstein (I STILL LOVE THEM)
~My own original stories (Adventures in Terra (a different Terra) and Sentient Showdown mainly, but also Beastly Sinners, The Power of Punnett, Undead Hiroshima, Thing World, Shooting Star Scandal, and Party Spy)
~The many crossover fanfictions I've thought about during those times, including:
~Mega Man x Warrior Cats
~Gravity Falls x Hotline Miami (also Hotline Miami x Gravity Falls)
Detroit: Become Human x Dark Souls
Mother Russia Bleeds x Five Nights at Freddy's
Cuphead x Terraria (and a bunch of mods!)
~Timmy XXX (a crackpot fanfic that my sister Alduinsecretfire and I are writing.... it's really something else)
~And many, many more that I'll just have to remember at some other date

Also here’s my TH: https://toyhou.se/Thisperson10

Sidenote: DMM will always be my home, and Mayor Chester will always be my mayor, but I’ll move from time to time.

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    • honestly mines doing really well, i have 7 gem dragons and i have kairos and im about to get tsaiashen and gaia!! also whats ur friend code bro!!

    • Your avatar is amazing d UdE-


    • Oh, hi there! So Germany, huch? It's... small compared to america? I can travel from north to south in a few hours? There are 16 federal state (i hope it's the right word), im curently living in the west, just an hour away from the Netherlands!
      Is there something special that you want to know? There is soo much that i could tell xD
      (Also super cool that you learning German! It's not an easy language tho so dont be hard on yourself^^)

    • thank you

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