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User ID: #126709
Username: Alduinsecretfire
Gender: Ayyyyyyyy lmao
Last Online: 4 Sep 2020, 4:20 pm
Registered: 23 Jan 2019, 7:40 pm

Profile description

"Empty! It'll be empty, you idiot!"

10 points if you know where this quote is from without having to look it up

Alison | Female | 14 | Aceflux/Aromantic | Anxiety+ADHD

My name is Alison, but you can call me Iota! I'm an aspiring artist/animator who is mainly a furry for the art, the friends, and the nostalgia! I love to chat with people, so if you feel that you need to ping/message me at any time, don't hesitate to do so!
Well, that's enough of my bio, I suppose. There's more about me below, if you care to look!

~main interests~

Mega Man; Shadow of the Colossus; Star Trek (mainly DS9 and Voyager); Total Wipeout; WALL-E; music (Vaporwave and George Michael especially); writing and drawing; etc.

~more passive interests/likes~

Bloodborne; Cuphead; Terraria; Skyrim; Adam Ruins Everything (THE OLD SEASONS NOT THE NEW ONES); ocean+paradise/sunset+night/winter+Christmas/Vaporwave/80's aesthetics; cats; BIRDS; flying creatures; Myrtle Beach; balance; etc.


Assholes, people "flexing"; botched storytelling, Politics; most children's shows; loud, sudden noises; people underestimating me; people thinking I'm stupid (my ultimate weakness); extreme heat; not being able to remember what I was going to say/do; most dogs, Crocodiles; spiders (except tarantulas); red meat; walking up the stairs; being strongarmed; etc.


Please for the love of GOD, do not mention ANY OF THESE TO/AROUND ME. If you do, it'll result in a block, no warnings and no exceptions.

-Cardiac shit (NONONONONONONON-)
-Starts with can, ends with ism. Not gonna spell the rest out for you.
-Viruses/infections (mainly Botulism and Meningitis B)

~other places you can find me~

Scratch (yes I still use this, hush)



~other notes~

-I am obsessed with Protogens (I currently have nine and counting)

-I am an avid character hoarder

-It's not just characters I have a problem with hoarding, it's other things, too. Some of the things I am currently hoarding are: chunks of concrete; jars/tubs of Vaseline; pencil lead; information (notebooks and flashdrives mainly); MEMES

-thisperson10 is my twin sister. Do not hurt her.

-All the villagers that I don't have names for are B. Don't think about them too much. They just gon B for a while

-When I'm speaking formally to other people, I tend to use a lot of exclamation marks (just look at my bio section for a good example of this). I don't know why I do this. I think it has something to do with the fact that I think periods have the capacity to be taken in a passive-aggressive manner, and I don't like being mean to people if I can help it.

-Also I think too much and blabber on. It's pretty obvious by my last fact

-I'm trying to learn Chinese and German. It's going slow, but I'm getting somewhere, at least

-I have a habit of putting cursed images as my PFP, and it tends to be the same one for every website I'm on. If the username is Alduinsecretfire and it has the same image it has here, you can bet it's most likely me (but if you're unsure, just ask. I'll be glad to tell you!)


-I am incredibly scatterbrained. If you message me, and I haven't responded/don't respond, don't think that's it out of malice. Most of the time, I end up thinking "Oh, I'll just reply to it later!" and then later never comes.

-I am also hellishly unmotivated. It's a "perk" of having ADHD

-I'm kind of a Grammar Nazi (mostly because I've been raised around books my entire life. Seriously, there's books EVERYWHERE)

-I might work with my CSS a little bit. It seems fun

-I have a sailor mouth if you couldn't tell already agagagagagagagaagagagagaga-

Anyway, that'll have to do it for now. See ya real soon!

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    • Hey! If you ever come back online, I'm a Voyager fan! Favorite character? (Throughout the series and please don't say Neelix lol)

    • Hey, just some advice about learning languages. I’d start with German and ease your way into Chinese, saying you know the exact type of Chinese you wanna know. Learning multiple at time is stressful and I have caught myself merging words sometimes :p

    • They are good bois, too, but I belong to the worlds of MM6 and 9, so those robabs are the b e s t b o i s

    • I like how Mrs. Frau is digitalizing the class more, so now I have more excuses to talk on FurVilla and do random shit

      Also Concrete Man is a good boi, and I love him

    • Shit I didn’t mean to strikethrough the last line

      Oh well

    • Ahem triple dong AHEM

      I mean, Concrete Man just has no chance. I mean, considering he has 28 units of health and Golem has around 75,000 (I think), and all the projectiles, and all the phases he goes through. How would he deal with Golem’s second phase? Since he’s weak to Laser Trident, and it’s both made of energy and extremely powerful, his eye lasers would just decimate Concrete Man. Sure, he could use some items, but without them, I don’t think he has a chance. He could try, sure, but how would he dodge him? Sure, he can jump and move like a motherufucker, but still.

      And that concludes my TEDTalk

    • *Concrete Man golem-fists Golem*

      “I win”

      I mean, who’s better at giving the good ol’ golem first then Golem? Is Concrete Man the newest contender for that title? Who would win? I’m guessing Golem would.

    • Also I’m playing my MM9 vs. Jesus simulation again, and Concrete Man just beat the living shit out of poor Splash Woman

      I mean, if you get punched in the face by Concrete Man, you’re not surviving...

    • What’s the good lil boi Gaxy Man?

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