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User ID: #8819
Username: Uendo
Gender: Male (freak)
Last Online: 5 Jul 2022, 4:59 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:28 pm

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| Clover | 26 | INFP-T | She/Her | They/Them | Autochorissexual | Netherlands | +7 hours ahead FV time |
| LGBT Chimes Vistas | Commissions | Painties & Vistas | Emojis |

Click this to join our Discord server, I promise it's very poggers

I like to collect all the custom items on the site and put them in my gallery

Uendo Toneido
Occupation: Rakugo Artist

"Even if my performance isn't worth watching, I will certainly watch my words. I wouldn't want to say anything thoughtless and get arrested. After all, that'd be... a "raku-no-no"! Hee hee!"

****Formerly PlushKlavier****

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My boyfriend may be fictional but my love for him is not :pensive:


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    • Commenting so I don’t post off topic in the DTV thread- that spreadsheet is impressive!

    • I am wildly impressed with your villager count- That's a lot of chirren

    • okay, first of all all of your painties are SUPER cool omg :o but i also wanted to shoutout your forum signature, i love it so much hjsbkgdjskgd

    • Hi, I'm not sure if I should contact you about this, but as you are the creator of that thread -- in the art game 'effort or effortless' there's a bit of chaos (mostly because one person responded to someone in the thread and the other didn't check) and someone might get skipped. If you are able to somehow let them know they are mixing it, then it could save someone from being skipped! and sorry if you would prefer to not be bothered about it;;

    • Sorry for not drawing the right person. ): I commented for Stygian and will get the post edited with the additional art once it's done! Thanks for letting me know.

    • Same. Klavier, Godot, Franziska, Simon Blackquill, and Damon Gant are my faves, though there are a ton more I stan, lol. Have a lot of good memories of Dual Destinies and the 3ds triology remake

      Thank you for the follow btw! I really appreciate it.

      Are you a fan of the Zero Escape series? It's kind of like AA except more about solving puzzles, in some ways.

    • Is your favorite AA character Uendo? Asking because I haven't seen a lot of Phoenix Wright fans here on FV, and I'm in the fandom.

    • Your art is really cool, tbh

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Next time PM me stuff like that not on my comments

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