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Villager: Bijoux

Villager Info

ID: #232923

Name: Bijoux

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 9 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Uendo

Species: Snake

Color: Albino Ball Python


House: Quetzal Palace House (55/55)

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Bijoux / Female / Sneep


✧ S T O R Y ✧

Soft, sweet, kind and cute were the first words that came into anyone’s mind when interacting with her. A small Sneep in a big world was Bijoux, but the impression she gave everyone was as big as the world itself. Her loveable personality paired with her adorable appearance gave everyone a smile on their face. She is known to be one of the kindest and helpful residents of her village. When she spoke with anyone in her gentle voice, they would say they felt immediate calm, no matter the situation.

Her favorite items include brightly colored, tacky plastic jewellery - in typical decora and fairy-kei fashion - which she would often adorn herself in. She always made sure her fur was soft and well-groomed, taking extra measures to feel nice and pretty for herself. Everyone just loved to fawn over her beautifully colored pelt and scales, and one could tell that she enjoyed it despite her blushing.

She loves to make friends and enjoys chatting about her latest acquired item or special interest. Bijoux would always treasure every single friendship she had as if it was a piece of precious jewellery kept in her pretty pink jewellery box.

✧ C R E D I T S ✧
Sneep base by Pesticide
Rose by Violetpool
Other edits/colouring by me
Bio by Angeleina

Comments 10

    • She's so gorgeous!! :0 Wow!

    • Such a loverly lady! <3

    • whoa!! your bijoux is the most gorgeous sneep around!! that's so strange that we both named our sneeps that.. bijoux is actually the plural of bijou, bijou being the archaic word for jewel/trinket. I named my sweet babby that because she is my little jewel, but your bab looks way more jewel-like! what a shiny lady!! :o ♥

    • this snake is SO CUTE AND! we have the same background!!!!!!! this snake and i are TWINS!!!!!


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