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Username: Prince_Reshiram
Gender: Feminine male
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 2:31 am

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My previous usernames on Furvilla: Reshiramu and Dubstep
My Toyhouse: Dubstep

Reshiram is my favorite Pokemon and I've been collecting merch of him since 2010.

When a person appears who is searching deeply for the truth, Reshiram will appear. At first, Reshiram will battle with that person as a test of their strength and heart. And if it decides that person is a hero, it will pass on the wisdom it has accumulated over thousands of years and then bare it fangs against the hero's enemies. From that point on, Reshiram will treat the hero with kindness, as a parent would treat a child. But although the person called the hero will be able to attain great riches and power, the goodness in their heart will be lost, and the country built by the hero will be consumed in flames. Then, Reshiram will depart.

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    • ^,^ I'm glad you like my Fairy Zabeu! I was happy to be able to fund it. I had such a clear vision of the style I wanted, and was delighted with how the artist brought it to life. I'm hopeful they'll leave it alone since I funded it.

    • I think I've been away for like 18 months now? Occasionally I'll glance at the news without logging in, but I haven't felt compelled to log in and play. Honestly they changed the artwork for the Zabeus, and I don't like the new pose. It makes it less fun for me since I pretty much adored all the old Zabeu art. That aside, I'm sure the people are still friendly, and they look like they've revamped a lot of art. I used to mostly do the quests. I'm pretty sure by now I'd have to spend a lot of time to catch up on my collections, but maybe one day I'll feel like it?

    • Yep, Coastpony on IcePets. I dunno if I'll play over there again or not? I'm giving it a rest and waiting to see if I feel like it. I used to love playing on there, but there were so many changes.

    • Hehe yep! Nice to meet a fellow Pokémon fur/fan :D Your collection is epic btw!!!

    • :000
      Epic! Pm them to me! I'd love to see~!

    • Yup! I think shes the first legendary I've ever had in my team, I loved pokemon B&W. Always has been my favorite pokemon ever and will always be in my heart <3

    • Oh my goodness! Reshiram is one of my favorite pokemon ^^

    • Aaa thanks lovely! Late merry Christmas/happy new year! ♡

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