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Username: Prince_Reshiram
Gender: Feminine male
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 2:31 am

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My previous usernames on Furvilla: Reshiramu and Dubstep
My Toyhouse: Dubstep




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    • OMG i have that same reshiram card!!! reshi is def one of my fave pokemon, its just so pretty

    • okay! though i just started on those so it might be a while

    • sure, i have another, i'll toss it in a trade

    • it has been awhile! i'm doing overall great, & i hope you're doing good too!

    • Ooh, your profile is cool. I like Reshiram!

    • ^,^ I'm glad you like my Fairy Zabeu! I was happy to be able to fund it. I had such a clear vision of the style I wanted, and was delighted with how the artist brought it to life. I'm hopeful they'll leave it alone since I funded it.

    • I think I've been away for like 18 months now? Occasionally I'll glance at the news without logging in, but I haven't felt compelled to log in and play. Honestly they changed the artwork for the Zabeus, and I don't like the new pose. It makes it less fun for me since I pretty much adored all the old Zabeu art. That aside, I'm sure the people are still friendly, and they look like they've revamped a lot of art. I used to mostly do the quests. I'm pretty sure by now I'd have to spend a lot of time to catch up on my collections, but maybe one day I'll feel like it?

    • Yep, Coastpony on IcePets. I dunno if I'll play over there again or not? I'm giving it a rest and waiting to see if I feel like it. I used to love playing on there, but there were so many changes.

    • Hehe yep! Nice to meet a fellow Pok√©mon fur/fan :D Your collection is epic btw!!!

    • :000
      Epic! Pm them to me! I'd love to see~!

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