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User ID: #56643
Username: Prince_Reshiram
Gender: Feminine male
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 2:31 am

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My past usernames on Furvilla: Reshiramu -> Dubstep -> Prince_Reshiram




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Married to Maxime


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    • You're fantastic and I hope you and your partner are doing well. c:

    • Omg he so cute!! owo ♡ happy pride month bb!! <333

    • Aaaah rip, Ive been looking for donburi adopts bc when they were active i was under 18 and had no real money or way to pay online, so now Im just Suffering

    • Heyo, you do a lot of adopt buying and such, do you have any advice for hunting down designs by specific artists or of a certain type? Ive looked on TH but theres only one of the ones I want for trade and the person who owns it is inactive so Im Suffering

    • Oof only if you wanna havent been to active so i have only bought the 1 feather point stars so far

    • Thank you so much for the Feathers >w<

    • Dude, thanks ever so much! <3

    • !!! Thank you so much for the badge aaa ;u;

    • in response to your question about the lunchbox, that is fine :)

    • Omg you are so right about the Peep thank you for that amazing idea!!

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