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User ID: #22799
Username: teaunicorn
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 12 Nov 2020, 12:27 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 11:06 am

Profile description

i am still active! i check here every single day so if you need something u can hmu!


hi, my name is teya, and my profile is under construction!

commission shop!


little notes

♥ i accept all friend requests!
♥ i'm always willing to talk, don't be afraid to shoot me a pm!
♥ i rarely initiate conversations outside forums due to being an anxious mess, so if you want to talk you'll have to message me first ;;;y;; sorry!
♥ if i dont reply right away please dont feel bad, i work fulltime and also suffer from ADHD so i can only really write so many replies before i just have to leave the computer for a bit!! tysm!!
♥ i have all the QP medicines mastered! if you need something, just ask!
♥ ask me about free minipets!
♥ all my painties are done by me! i occasionally snag bits or bases, they're credited in the villager bios
♥ thank you for all the lovely comments on my painties! i don't reply but i'm very grateful!
♥ dont talk to me about cats unless youre ready to talk to me about cats

current unicorn count:
common: my inventory weeps at the number. ive had to start hoardselling them
appaloosas: 46
stardusts: 9
adorned: 4

drawn by mazakai , gifted from @dubstep !! tysm!!
fnaf thread so i dont lose it


Villagers 13

Comments 202

    • I love your villagers and your page !

    • 4479-magical-majestic-unicorn-model.png
      have you seen this...?

    • Your profile is way too cute. I'm in love.

    • oh my goodness i didnt know you were still active here, I havent seen you around in ages, the Chii plush is so cute!

    • Ah, me being a sore troll is all :P

    • you have no idea how much i relate to your comment -- ive downed at least a grand to coffees alone since January

    • oh my god I just noticed that yours is so cute though im screaming :’00

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  • Comment has been hidden

    • Everything about this is so cute <3<3

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