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Username: atilla
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 9 Apr 2020, 2:13 am
Registered: 8 Jul 2016, 12:37 am

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hello, im atilla or puppy! im a 22 year old digital artist, ive been drawing for almost 10 years, and i love video games! some of my favorites are skyrim, stardew valley, fallout, sea of thieves, and red dead redemption 2! i also really love food, animals, cowboys, and sleeping.

if i seem to be ignoring you, or if i respond late to a ping or message, its because i have anxiety and i get really nervous when talking to people. i promise ill answer, just please give me time! :'3

Woofslorp is my bf!! send him presents >:3c
Imoku is the nicest person in existence pls send them presents too!! <3

thank you anon for the gembound morphing potion!! what the heck!




important links:


painties to upload: baku wicker (not ready), bat cat (ready), lichen chibi (ready), chibi remy (ready), chibi otter (ready), huckleberry chibi (not ready), pip shifty (ready), blue carousel horse chibi (ready), jersey devil goat (ready), pastel goat by relic (ready), chibi snow leopard (ready), adonis (ready)

profile background by kroevolkture , and furvilla logo by Oni , avatar by Ryebread !

owed art:
Coyote_Carno (paid in usd, never received)
Kay_Mentrae (paintie for adonis)
Cataverous 1 full body
MalGV flat full body for hippo



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    • Hi! Do you need more blossoms or other reagents? I have accumulated a bit. =)

    • Good luck okay? And I'm sorry if this is awful, it's been a long time since I drew something non-pony >.<


    • ahh ok! i use Krita so that program also has a stabilizer. thanks for the tip! :D

    • hello! your art style is really cute! how do you get your lines to be so smooth? :0

    • What is your favorite fallout game? Mine is number four.

    • Don’t feel like dieing! ( wait did I spell that wrong? ) I’m sure you’ve done what you can to help him, so it’s not your fault and I hope he improves! I felt like this when my aunt had cancer, but she got better and is now cancer free!

    • Heck I’m just collection stardew fans everywhere here

    • thank you so much! i've had a handful of sonas over the years but parker was the first one i ever truly felt a connection to <3 so he's super special to me!

    • O my gosh I love stardew valley too!

    • Saw your comment on my profile, and I wish I knew! I found the image online and just thought it was cute :,)

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