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User ID: #67307
Username: Hamichu
Registered: 8 Jul 2016, 9:55 am

Profile description

Thank you anons and fairies for bringing me candycorn and all sorts of wonderful gifts! You're amazing and really made my day <3

she/they | +13 FV time | Taiwanese

Hi there! Glad to meet you!
You can call me
【Hamichu】 or 【Hammy】
(I'm also under the ID [neko990706]
at some places.)

I like to achieve stupid and
ridiculous goals,
just for my gallery :3 (HELP!)

Don't really play much now,
but I still login (almost) everyday
Feel free to send a friend request
or pm me
I'll get to you asap ^ ^

Not a native English speaker,
so please let me know
if I say anything weird ;w;
Thank you!

Plq23Gg.png Q3fOlJT.png PhN8mgT.pngB3nRmdH.png← Grab bags!

★ Wishlist

1876-birch-lumber.png 1877-cherry-lumber.png 182-lumber.png

1881-anodized-aluminum-lump.png1911-light-mythic-tablet.png 3313-amethystine-steel.png5490-buckeye-leaf.png
4938-plushie-koala.png4944-rainy-day-tree-kangaroo.png 4556-sherbet-boomer.png4077-festive-lights-decosaur.png
1678-small-cloud-marshmallow.png 5168-cat.png3107-a-foxy-friend.png5362-misprinted-the-royal-fox-stamp.png6405-the-royal-child.png

★My Dreams (Goals)
I collect lances
when I got the first "Imaginary Lance That Doesn't Exist" drop ever in FV history. 3341-unicorn-lance.png <- Complete! Thank you everyone!!!

Flight rising/toyhou.se/Twitter/Deviantart(I barely use tho)

★Little flower page deco by Yesirukey
★Furvilla logo base by ieafy ,edit by me (please do not use)
★Amazing CSS cods base by snowflakeartist & jennawing ,edit by me

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    • You’re welcome! Honestly, it was the least I could do after that

    • You always have the prettiest painties!

    • omg thank you so much for the gift!!! I actually do really like spiders, so that totally made my day. thanks for your kindness <3

    • thanks!

    • Thank you so much for the lovely items!

    • Thanks Froppy fairy! Wish you a happy Valentine's Day as well❤

    • Hewo I got question onsig. how did you get it to look like that...Wanted to know but didn't want to bug you also do you think that you could help me with it?

    • Omigosh, thankyou so much for your sweet gift!!

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