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User ID: #67307
Username: Hamichu
Gender: 肥宅 ( not fat house)
Registered: 8 Jul 2016, 9:55 am

Profile description

Thank you anons and fairies for bringing me candycorn and all sorts of wonderful gifts! You're amazing and really made my day <3

she/they | +13 FV time | Taiwan

Hi there! Glad to meet you!
You can call me
【Hamichu】 or 【Hammy】
(I'm also under the ID [neko990706]
at some places.)

I like to achieve stupid and
ridiculous goals,
just for my gallery :3 (HELP!)

Don't really play much now,
but I still login (almost) everyday
Feel free to send a friend request
or pm me
I'll get to you asap ^ ^

Not a native English speaker,
so please let me know
if I say anything weird ;w;
Thank you!

Plq23Gg.png Q3fOlJT.png PhN8mgT.pngB3nRmdH.png← Grab bags!

★ Wishlist


1908-dark-mythic-tablet.png1911-light-mythic-tablet.png 3313-amethystine-steel.png
4938-plushie-koala.png4944-rainy-day-tree-kangaroo.png 4556-sherbet-boomer.png4077-festive-lights-decosaur.png

★My Dreams (Goals)
I collect lances
when I got the first "Imaginary Lance That Doesn't Exist" drop ever in FV history. 3341-unicorn-lance.png <- Complete! Thank you everyone!!!

Flight rising/toyhou.se/Twitter/Deviantart(I barely use tho)

★Little flower page deco by Yesirukey
★Furvilla logo base by ieafy ,edit by me (please do not use)
★Amazing CSS cods base by snowflakeartist & Melanistic ,edit by me

Villagers 60

Comments 298

    • You really deserve it! Two years is a hugeee grind for a game :'0
      And alright! Glad I was able to help. ^^

    • Glad you could hit your goal <3

    • sorry for the cancel I still want the FD my eyes are bad it read 1220FC for FD but looking at it now you said CC..oof. I can remake the trade

    • Awh- Thank you for the Plushie! Happy Chinese New Year!

    • Thank you anon for the donation ^ ^
      It really meant a lot to me! Thank you !

    • Thank you for the gifts, friend! :D They brightened my day ^-^

    • Thank you anon for sending me wonderful gifts even if I'm not in the game. This really warms my heart ❤
      and make me a lot closer to my goal now! Thank you!!!

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