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User ID: #56032
Username: _Fawn_
Gender: Genderfluid
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 11:20 pm

Profile description

Hello, wanderer! You can call me Fawn.
I'm genderfluid so my pronouns change, but right now I prefer they/them pronouns, please! <3

Originally from Olde Foxbury! Feel free to send a friend request, I always accept.

Follow me on Instagram to see my art!


2615-magic-beach-fun-deer-plush.png 2231-magic-warrior-princess-big-cat-plus 3132-magic-palace-guard-saggitari-plush.
4398-magic-carousel-horse-sticker.png 4694-magic-baker-manokit-sticker.png 4700-magic-cosplay-bovine-sticker.png 6871-magic-moolky-way-bovine-sticker.png 3909-magic-skelemoo-bovine-sticker.png
5192-magic-opal-gem-raptor-sticker.png 4529-magic-diamond-gem-raptor-sticker.pn 4789-magic-moonstone-gem-raptor-sticker. 4912-magic-peridot-gem-raptor-sticker.pn 4844-magic-ruby-gem-raptor-sticker.png 5498-magic-aurora-snake-sticker.png5742-magic-carousel-saggitari-sticker.pn
4617-gray-hippo-go-round.png 4620-rosy-hippo-go-round.png 5902-soft-blush-chubby-dragon.png 2805-circus-pal-lil-spoop.png 2913-honduran-white-batpaca.png 4244-tan-jumping-spider.png 1638-brown-rapti.png 4062-glowing-wreathdeer.png
2856-topaz-felilidae.png 2858-aurora-lights-felilidae.png 5934-aurora-nova-foxlien.png 5932-abyssal-foxlien.png 3284-abyssal-dragonfly.png 3287-cherry-blossom-dragonfly.png2495-carousel-shetland-pony.png 2599-eight-legged-pegasus.png 2597-wood-opal-pegasus.png 398-stardust-uni.png 4550-faded-lil-tapir.png 4551-palace-cloud-lil-tapir.png 4777-imperial-hyenacinth.png 5173-natural-barn-owl.png4458-fortunate-cloviva.png2864-striped-dunk.png3148-clover-kid-pygmy-goat.png 3924-ancient-sea-tortle.png 1635-green-moth.png 5105-pink-pirglet.png 2105-speckled-hognose.png 3697-striped-african-wild-dog.png 3143-plush-sea-cuttlefish.png 3929-rainbow-sparkle-rhinacorn.png
3809-sludge-potion.png 2678-leodon-morphing-potion.png 3006-flailadon-morphing-potion.png6456-spooky-night-deer-stone.png 5846-armoured-deer-stone.png 193-sun-coin.png233-toothy-token.png274-frosted-token.png
122-fairy-mushrooms.png 83-wrist-hook.png202-animal-fangs.png203-torn-steak.png 207-fur-tufts.png 123-insect-wings.png 114-feather.png 3547-compost.png
- Any plushes that aren't in my toybox
- Any pets, even if I have them
- Reagents/items/loot from other villages
- Anything else! I'm grateful for anything :)

I am in desperate need of FD so that I can change my username. I made it in 2016 and I hate it lol

<3 Thank you to <3
weird scaly fairy
rich fairy

Villagers 18

Comments 15

    • Thanks for the breeding potions!

    • Aww don't worry about returning any favors! :3 What I gave you was a gift.
      If YOU happen to need anything else. just ask! I typically have a bunch of stuff I'll never use hehe

    • Thanks for the ingredients!

    • Gosh, thanks for the sky coin <3

    • Thank you for the seeds!

    • Hope you like the plush :)

    • No problem! I hoped you would like that one. I'd be happy to be friends. ^^

    • You're very welcome! I'm glad I could add to your collection~ :>

    • No problem. I'm happy to help. If you ever need something please let me know. ^^

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