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User ID: #37622
Username: CrunchyLatte
Gender: Transmasc
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 3:18 pm

Profile description

Hi all. You can call me Latte. I like many things <3
21 y/o furry-guy at your service

I like a lot of things! I'll try to list them all,
but I will probably forget some stuff.

Wings of Fire
TTRPGs in general
Toontown: Corporate Clash
Life is Strange
Farming games in general
Monster-taming games in general

Need help?
I can offer some assistance! General questions about
the site are always able to be answered by me.
I can also gift some pets, house materials, and
maybe some FC to get you started. I've been here
for five years and counting, so don't feel bad for
asking about any of the things listed!

I primarily focus on animal husbandry/minipet collecting. However, herbalism is my main source
of income. For all new players who may be browsing
my profile; get a herbalist. I'll give seeds to jumpstart
your gardening career teehee

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Comments 159

    • Thank you for the paintie ticket!

    • didnt want to clog the current thought thread but ANOTHER CORPORATE CLASH PLAYER??? glad to see it reaching even this corner of the internet ;w;

    • I saw when I looked on my Profile that you actually commented in it, and told me how to get Quest Shards and I just wanna say thank you! Sorry I didn't see it sooner, I just thought people would comment back on the thread, but nonetheless, I'm still really happy you helped me! Thank you so much :)

    • Saw you comment you were a Genshin fan !! I absolutely adore Genshin Impact !!!!

    • Thank you for the css compliment! I absolutely adore yours as well. Yellow is my favorite color, & sunflowers my favorite flower! My css came from here, if you wanted to take a look! <3

      I try really hard to reply asap, but I find it hard to keep up with dms & threads & such on forum based websites like this ;; I'm super active on discord, but it feels weird to just, like, add random people, yknow?

      Well, from your interests list, I also really like Genshin Impact, vtubers, pokemon, Minecraft, farming games, & idol series. I'm a huge love live fan, haha, & I like quite a few Hololive members. I have only played pokemon sun, but I like pokemon in general a lot! :]

    • We seem to have a lot of interests in common ! ^_^

    • Daaa thanks so much yaaay i got them all now oWo

    • thank you SO so much for the generous gift and kind words!! it really made my day! :D if there's ever anything I can do for you in the future, don't hesitate to let me know! I'd be happy to return the favor someday <3

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