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User ID: #7869
Username: kajun
Gender: Nonbinary
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:44 pm

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nuriel | 24 | it/its | FV(-2)

toyhou.se | carrd | ask for discord!
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I'm mentally ill & frequently need time to myself or to
be offline. I do my best to respond to things in a timely
manner, but if for whatever reason I don't, please feel
free to message me multiple times to remind me. I
promise it won't bother me. ♡

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    • Tysm for the potion!!! You're so kind!

    • Thank you for the FCs!

    • OMG tysm for the pantie ticket!! for some reason it says: "Could not accept transfer,,

    • what kind of codes did you use in your profile css? I would really like to know! o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

    • Added you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and an even better week!

    • yeah, that'd be nice

      cancel culture sucks man

    • Appreciate the thought but I'm good. I breed 50 ferrets a day though so if at some point you wanted to gather up a bunch of seeds and wood I have the other SR and the rares you could trade for.

    • thanks for the wood and seeds!

    • Oh thank you so much!! ;; ♥ it's ok, i don't think i'm too scary! feel free to message me if you want :D <3

    • not a bother at all!! unfortunately i only do comms for usd at the moment!

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