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Username: requiesticat
Gender: Demiboy
Last Online: 18 Jan 2021, 7:30 am
Registered: 27 Oct 2018, 7:37 am

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Seyune Koizumi-Hearn○23○♎

Howdy- the name's Seyu. I'm a university student with too much time on his hands. Any pronouns, but he/him is preferred.

Srs, Nags, and Seyu are my sonas. Most of my villagers are FV-exclusive OCs, though others come from offsite. I created every paintie I own- if you'd like one, please commission me! I'd be happy to draw something for you.

My main hobby is drawing in my spare time. I'm working on multiple projects, with my main being a webcomic and original story. To read them, check my DA profile. (Content warning: mature)

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Collective username - Same as here


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Check these out

RP thread (closed until further notice)
Art shop

Commissions: OPEN
Trades and Requests: Mutuals only

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○Art of my ocs
○FC or FD - alternatively, you can commission me
○Buy something from my stall?


(Most wanted: Gembound plushie)

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LGBT hearts created by Lion
Avatar by WaffleRocket
Ascii symbols taken from altunicode

Villagers 14

Comments 30

    • YES! That song is so goood! It`s probably my favorite now. 'v'

    • Hello there! Just wondering if your art shop is open? Didnt want to post there in case it wasnt. ^^

    • omg thank you so much for the cute little hammie!! that made my day a lot better, i really appreciate it. merry christmas! :3

    • of course!! i hope you enjoy ^^

    • oh!! noel is one of my favorite characters, yes, but i also really love sirius and wilardo! its so cool to see another fan, i haven't met many! ^^

    • Just! like! Bart!

    • Hopefully somewhere making a better season 3 :'>

    • Thank you so much for Flora. She's quite lovely.

    • You’re welcome, glad you liked them! ^ ^

    • Thank you for the purchase ^u^

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