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Username: requiesticat
Gender: Demiboy
Registered: 27 Oct 2018, 7:37 am

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Seyune Koizumi-Hearn ○ 25 ○ ♎


Howdy- the name's Seyu. I'm an artist with too much time on his hands. Most of my villagers are FV-exclusive OCs. May make a new art thread and take commissions soon, but for now they're closed.

I created most of my painties. If you are interested in getting one, message me. My old avatar was drawn by the talented Uendo , and Poppet's paintie was created by spectral , who has cool OCs. Go check their work out.

Mutual blocker - in the advent someone blocks me, then I will do the same. Please do not PM me about it if you were on the receiving half. Regarding normal messages, if I don't respond to something you've sent right away, it's because of avoidance anxiety or we don't know each other well. Nothing personal


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*slaps roof of car* Check these bad boys out

Show off your villagers!

Commissions: Closed for the time being
Trades and Requests: Mutuals only

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○Art of my ocs
○Site currency
○Buy something from my stall?

2321-the-legends-armour.png7042-deep-sea-dreamer-tattoo.png 1723-worker-slot-totem.png

(Most wanted: Deep sea dreamers tattoo, worker totem, or 10 fancy plant drinks)

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LGBT hearts created by Lion
Clouds bg by grosslittlething
Ascii symbols taken from altunicode

Villagers 15

Comments 80

    • Thank you! <3

    • Lol! No worries there~ I figured you'd be able to use the ones still beyond what you were needing right now.

    • No problem~ I sent some your way! I hope they help out~!

    • if you ever make one please ping me! a pet thread would be cool

    • If you don't mind me asking; of what kind, and what feathers do you need for your craftable? I haven't used any in quite a while, so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't mind giving a few up xD

    • yeah bettas tend to be pretty bitey fish, i wouldn't reccomend sticking your fingers into the tank xD I think jumping spiders seem like such cool pets! i would be very scared to hold one though especially because they jump. I'm too much of a coward to hold one.

    • anytime - figured you'd like to know ^^

    • thank you for your kind words! im def planning to get another one when ive already moved because it wouldn't make sense to buy one a few months before i leave to another country e_e

      fish make some really cute pets and they're hella underrated too. i've had a fighting fish before and even though they dont have a long lifespan it was fun watching the guy swim around his tank. As for jumping spiders, i can't say much about them since i never owned one but they seem like super cool pets to own!

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