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User ID: #67829
Username: sae
Rank: Helper
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 12 Jul 2024, 12:16 am
Registered: 7 Dec 2016, 12:07 pm

Profile description

art by the-midnight-sun

1/12/18 changed username from klavier to sae
if you got a paintie from me, please update the tags or description, thank you!

tigereye peak native

im a helper!
though i may seem inactive, ive just been busy! i take care of my grandmother on the weekends and im also a full time college student so things are hectic! however, you're free to PM me any questions you may have and i'll be more than happy to help!

about me!

i love dinosaurs a lot
my interests include mystic messenger, ace attorney, final fantasy xv, durarara, nier automata, and pokemon
some of my favorite comics include sakana and beastars
please talk to me about any of those things!

apollo | 1996 | nb | they/them | gay | EST

english/Ру́сский язы́к OK!

i speak russian and english is my second language so i apologize for any mistakes in spelling/wording!
i might also sound rude or harsh sometimes but i promise that’s never my intention! i just have a rlly hard time with words

411-smiling-kritty.png (OBTAINED) - 359-horned-bun.png (OBTAINED! thank you kind anon!) -1566-galactic-echidna.png

Villagers 35

Comments 94

    • Hey, would it be ok if i made a clay doll of ur character? The one right here on ur page. Theyre like.. the perfect shape

    • Yo some cowboy just gave me a mini you.

    • pickle

    • Hi there! I'm sorry if this is a bother, but I saw the paintie you have on Sae that you drew & I really like your art style; do you possibly do commissions for Furvilla currency? ^_^

    • Looks at purchase history
      wait.... waaaaait....

    • I could bump it up to 350 FD a piece, but not sure if that will still be too low for what you are looking for. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to respond to my offer. =3

    • Is there any chance you would take 300fd a piece on your 2 Gingerbread Decosaurs and 2 Nature Imps (1200 fd total for the 4 of them)?

    • *jumps up and down with you about toucans*

    • I hope I wrote it right D:

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