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Username: Krissim
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:00 pm

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    • I barely spend any time on this site and got rid of my collections long ago, I guess the OD event "hooked" me back for a bit xP
      That's why I'm giving away the maps after I got 2500 of them.

    • Could I please borrow the Sunset Hedgehog again, whenever you see this?

    • Thank you again. If you'd like anything in return do let me know!

    • Oh yes please. I'm not having too much luck with the Cloud Pets so far!

    • Oh that would be great, thank you. I'm still on white cloud pets at the moment.

    • Which of the wheel pets are you still missing?

    • Sending it over now!

    • did you mean to send 5 leaves? if so, thank you!

    • do you want males or females?

    • hmmm yeah i'm cool with that!

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