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User ID: #12373
Username: noll
Rank: Helper
Gender: Male
Last Online: 29 Oct 2023, 7:26 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 6:53 pm

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noll/oliver | 24 | he/him | lobster man

i am one of furvilla's helpers, so feel free to message me any question you have and i will do my best to answer or direct you to someone who can! the topics i can best help with are site navigation, rules, css, bbcode, and general career questions. i can also help with warrior career questions.


other helpers
@lance-c-bones Rotsuoy veemo Ivory sae Kirurik Buskuta Beaky

site rules, file a report, official guides, user-made guides, help forum
beginner tutorial guide, warrior loot drops guide


no, not currently.

can you teach me css?
i can help you with specific questions! i am not capable of teaching an entire language, but if you need help with something specific feel free to message me.

i am a photographer as well as a gardener. i enjoy plants a lot, especially taking pics of them <3 i am also interested in anime/manga. i also write and have a toyhouse where you can see my characters. i really do enjoy working with both css & html! i also make themes for tumblr in my free time. feel free to talk to me about any of these things.


css by noll based on msjanny 's vertical villager profile. background from plutoparfait, pixels from king-lulu-deer.

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    • Thank you for purchasing at The Traveling Tradepost! We’re always happy to help at affordable prices!

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    • Hey so i seen ur CSS on other peoples accounts i think its really cool, and i have had mine the same for a while can you help me out to make mine look cool or like transparent?

    • I love your profile!~

    • pickle

    • Tysm for the items

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    • hello please accept

    • just wanted to let you know i changed my username from snowfallen to veemo! in case you wanted to change that on your profile!

    • Thank you! It was a bittersweet piece to work on. I haven't been able to go to a pride parade in a few years due to health reasons and this year, if the quarantine isn't lifted, I may not get to go like I planned. So it was kind of a way to make me feel like I'm there.

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