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User ID: #172882
Username: TuffLock
Gender: Toaster
Last Online: 16 Jan 2022, 9:12 am
Registered: 18 Feb 2020, 9:37 pm

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my home will always be tigereye peak
wandering around collecting items to make fancy plant drinks
my stall might be underpriced but I don't care
Selling random stuff I guess .-.
Notes to self::

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Comments 18

    • Oh wow, thank you so much for the Fancy Plant Drink!

    • oh my goodness thank you for the fancy plant drink

    • FBI busts down door*
      your under arrest for finding out the truth abput soap

    • lol thank you for the potions! <3

    • thank you so much for the potions! :D

    • Thank you for the seed packet ^^

    • thanks, i will!

    • Thank you so much!! I've been having a difficult time getting recipes!

    • Take a look around my stall and armory and see if anything would help

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