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User ID: #33164
Username: Falorie
Gender: Ferret
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 2:50 am

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Female | Ferret | Virgo


Hiya *waves* I'm Falorie. I love mustelids, the color orange, drawing, and making painties.
Eventually most of my villagers will be mustelid-tized. I'll collect more as I go!
Painted Mustelids 14/50+

My ferret army is slowly growing. Mwahaha!

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DA | TH | AF)

When crediting my art, you can link to my DA or my TH. Whatever is fine.

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CSS from the Coding Help forum

Villagers 107

Comments 108

    • Thank you for purchasing at The Traveling Tradepost! We’re always happy to help at affordable prices!

    • AWEA you are too sweet, thank you! QvQ <3

    • I sent a character transfer your way on TH for the Mystery Adopt Raffle Prize just now! Sorry for the wait!

    • Of course! He looked too cute not to draw ><

    • I don't really have an idea, and i prefer to see what artists come up with, so it's all up to you!

    • Of course i would credit! In no universe would I ever dare to not credit. The character i was thinking of was this gal! I think she'd be lovely to a whole new level in your style! https://toyhou.se/13658136.trion

    • oops forgot to add this on x_x if i wanted to, is it also possible to use said chibi as a shifty paintie? Your art is wonderful and i would HELLA love to use the chibi as a paintie, but i wanted to of course, ask for your permission first.

    • AHH!! A flat color chibi would sure do good on one of my new ocs i got, which i should start spoiling some of my other cuties in my TH!!

    • Sure!! I'd just need your normal prices turned into food xx

    • LuckyMou aw thank you! at this time I'll do sticker edits for painties, but the regular ones take me way too long xD

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