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User ID: #209207
Username: StygianNymph
Gender: A hedgehog, probably
Last Online: 15 Feb 2023, 8:31 am
Registered: 16 Dec 2021, 3:35 pm

Profile description

Hey guys! Im Chalk/Seele/Fleets/Shadow whatever you want to call me! pronouns are he/they/it.
Im 17, so don't be weird. Please.
despite the fact im an undertale fan and a hi3 fan and my username being from the latter one, im obsessed with sonic
I do art! It's just that i don't show it very often with how easily embarrassed i am.
happily taken by my beloved noko <3 and milolo
Most of my villagers are adopted, exceptions being Lilim, Kyori and Syphon, and some others that i forgot. I prefer adopting villagers/wanderers because it's a better choice, give something a new home!
One proud winner of the Twinkling Tiger Eye Tree Decorating Contest in 2022!
Always lovely to receive these:
3466-primordial-shifty-morphing-potion.p (or any shifty potion)
5168-cat.png (I would DIE for you if you are to get me one of this cute keepsake)
current goals:
have painties for almost all my villagers.. Except I'll never finish, really.
find a way to smack the harbinger. I hate the harbinger

Villagers 48

Comments 76

    • Thank you! I'll pass it on :D

    • Whoa you have so many villagers!! O is my favorite, such a cool design~

    • Your profile CSS is so pretty!

    • Resident cook Sugarrush gets really excited when he see's the package contents.
      "HOW DID YOU FIND THEEEESE?! Thanks so much for the package Sirin!"

    • Just gonna comment on your profile
      Coolio i will attempt the hair but if i do a small gif especially sometimes it just does not look good. As noted earlier will add it to th when i finish it

    • Heya, I have to go offline (it's like 2am for me) so I won't be able to finalise the trade for the suchillas until I come back online another 8 hours from now, sorry!

    • "current goals: find a way to smack the harbinger. I hate the harbinger"
      lmao, same

    • Thank you! <3 <3

    • Thank you!!!!!!

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