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User ID: #114234
Username: Brittdub
Last Online: 15 Apr 2021, 9:39 pm
Registered: 19 Apr 2018, 2:10 pm

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☆☆Note... in case it happens more if i am in the middle of a conversation or trade i may not get by back to yee right away i have reallly flaky internet☆☆

☆☆☆Been to chicken to add this before hand (i have been made fun of because of it) but I am a Christian (☆☆☆ of no specific church anymore because of the things the church has done☆☆☆)
So please no NSFW on my profile. And there are many things i dont support but I won't judge any of you for it because that's not my job. Sorry if I don't reply or sound weird...☆☆☆☆

Hello everyone who is on my profile for some reason! I hope you are having a good day or night. My name is Brittdub I am a animal lover who found this game though a friend and decided to attempt to play it.. I will probably be forever calling myself a newbie XD.
Anyways thank you for dropping in, if you are an gifting anon THANK YOU boof booof

☆☆Check out my stall i try to keep some animals for sale in there prices may very but this is what the main prices based on color rarities (limited species may be more)☆☆
Commons - 2000 fc
Uncommons - 4000 fc
Rares - 6000 fc
Super rares - 9000 fc

Wip wishlist (i was gonna have that fancy one ut its to much work it keeps messing up for me)
My wishlist:

-Mouth beans (or its seeds)
- Sparkly Sparkles
- Skull items (Skull, poison, cloud, reclaimed, haunted, icey, underwater any variety i am collecting)
- Fiery Core

- Get Dapper the Diamond Smithy trophy 627/10000
-steel have vs need as of Jan 7 = 27013/468,650

FINISHED GOALS (this is here to make me feel better OwO)
-Getting a magic soup sticker
-Get supplies to make a plant food potion
-get a paintie ticket
- get 3 paintie tickets 1 for Darla and 1 for Scag and 1
- get 300 SandDollar Coins to make 1 of each costume and raffle all them off
-make the 4th costume? (This i probably will not do) I did it! (In Oceandome)
-get a paintie ticket for Maneki hes been redesigned
-do a feast costume raffle
- make Ace a villager
- get another 500 Sand Dollar Coins for helmet 500/500

(fun fact i like skellies more than i like animals... thats why i need a primordial shifty wait a normal shifty was good)

My This is Halloween Pets Please help me click to lvl them up

My toyhouse is BrittdubtheBabyYoda
My da is Brittdubsbases (not active here since they killed it)
Flight Rising = https://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&tab=userpage&id=425028

My bRaIn Is A pEaNuT

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    • Ahh, well you can say that kind of thing around me, lol, stuff of the like doesn't really easily offend me. -v-

    • Yo, artblock is a pain in the skull man, just speak your mind, I wouldn't worry about it. :>

    • Ahh, yes, yes, as a fairly socially anxious person myself I completely understand that. And thank you! Your characters are quite lovely as well ^^

    • O hay, I'm decent I suppose, could be better, you? :0c

    • Howdy! I'm pretty bored too, tbh. :,)

    • Did you mean to see that SR chihuahua for only 11000fc? That seems super cheap!

    • that looks really cool! im glad you were able to get it to work as-is. I feel like you could like put a phone charger in the spool and then knit around it to make a little sleeve for your cords, that way you can easily tell which one is yours. Or maybe if you make a ton you can use it as yarn and use it to knit something else, so itll be like double knitted!

    • nah, i was just sick of em and remembered you wanted them last time. a chill no strings gift

    • I know the feeling, happens too often hahah.

    • Saw your sketch on PYCT, it's cute! Keep up the good work!

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