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User ID: #204341
Username: KiKu-Izuku_Midoriya
Gender: Male
Last Online: 10 May 2022, 9:32 am
Registered: 9 Feb 2021, 1:35 pm

Profile description

Sexuality: Bi mostly gay 29277176_pzzPOISq37pyzIa.png 29277220_pw5ErStF4I1NFX1.png
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Fursona: Akile
Fursona Species: Avali
Likes: Icecream, gifts, nice people, sweat stuff, and sour stuff
Dislikes: jerks, people who put others down, and racism
Skin color: Tan

now for nicknames for all MHA characters
Deku: broccoli (dates Nuke head and two-sided)
Bakugo: Nuke head (dates broccoli and two-sided)
Todoroki: two-sided (dates broccoli and Nuke head)
Minoru Mineta: ball head
Toru Hagakure: heads up
Fumikage Tokoyami: woody the woodpecker
Eijiro Kirishima: Bro
Denki Kaminari: Pikachu
Mina Ashido: Alien
Toga: A nuke
All Might: Deku's dad
Nezu: A furry

Bi and gay flag: https://toyhou.se/9179110.f2u-pride-pixels/gallery

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    • Hey, friend i got my acc back and im ready for anything!!!

    • Thank you, I would boop for you, but he is dead.

    • pffft yeah!!
      it was awesome
      also, @/deku_and_toga wants me to ask when you can unblock them?

    • People don't agree though, eventually people will skip you for breaking the rules if you continue. 1. Sadly not everyone has Flight Rising. 2. Magic Stickers and Plushies are hard to come by. 3. Art is already a hard wish. All of your wishes are technically hard ones. Please, find things on Furvilla that you need that isn't too hard for people to grab

    • Perhaps..

    • the dream smp--

      that radiates dream smp from every angle

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