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Hello, thank you for visiting our profile. Please keep in mind that this account belongs to a traumagenic system. This should not be mixed up with endogenic systems/kin. As a side note, accusing anyone on Furvilla (or anywhere else for that matter) of ‘faking’ any mental illness is not acceptable. You never know what someone has gone through, and to hear that is extremely invalidating, both to the chance that the person has gone through horrible things, and the reality of their being. (On that note, please do not fake anything either. It makes a joke out of those who have survived, and that is never okay.) Saying that a system is faking something this serious is not right, or justified. Telling someone to 'stop faking' something, or that 'you're crazy', is sickeningly horrible, and cruel to those who have suffered. Never treat anyone differently to the way you would want to be treated.
To those who don’t believe us because we never mentioned this before, it was to protect ourselves. We only recently discovered the majority of our headmates, so we wanted to make sure that this was a safe place. We’ve determined that it is, and we want to keep it that way. Please be kind to yourselves, and to others. Have a lovely day.
Hello, Soot here. I'd be glad to have a conversation with you or answer any questions, so feel free to do that I guess- I'm a co-host and I'll be around most of the time if it's not LH or Ink. We usually don't add our names at the end of messages, so if you want to know who you're talking to, it's perfectly acceptable to ask. We don't bite.

A note to all the anons who have gifted us: thank you so much. It's very appreciated!
Hi there, thank you for reading this far if you're seeing this. I hope you're having a good day. I'm trying to finish up all the things some of my headmates didn't complete. So if we didn't do something we were supposed to, please, please DM or comment to let me know.
Remember, you are valid, and you matter.

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    • Heyo, I've been offline for awhile and I've finally found time to stop in - no-one told me the last few years of high school would be this busy lol

      I just wanted to check in and see how y'all are doing and let y'all know I've missed you over my break <3

    • It has been a while!
      Snekk wanted to come by and wish you *all* well- he apologizes for allowing his executive dysfunction to prevent him from finishing the development of that character for your species way back when. His memory's so bad c":

      Snekk is glad you are feeling safe enough to be open now, as people are stronger together!

    • Ink - I have, yes! They're both very nice and I see them as wonderful friends, hopefully I can at least get to know most of you, if not all be friends haha
      I've been quite well, but I have been looking into some things
      TW; mental illness my family and I have been researching the possibility of Bipolar Disorder, since my rollercoaster-like moods and emotions have been particularly apparent lately. Soo, it'd be nice to have some justification for everything (especially for my inner critic) but it'd also be a whole new thing to navigate. I guess we'll just have to see!
      Woah, I've never heard of that! I'll definitely give it a search and look in to joining! Thanks for telling me :D if I do join, my user will be DimkaDimintriFeline unless there's a character limit, in which case it'll probably be DimkaDimintriF, haha
      That'd be epic! I love getting to know new people :DD thanks again, I doubt I would've ever heard of it if it weren't for you! :>

    • correct
      do u remember when drista spawned a ender dragon on the smp on barrier blocks and then tommy init pogChamped onto bamboo

    • Howdy! I hope you're having a good day as well :o)

    • Drista, Dream anity, Free money for subcribing
      do you know the secret code

    • Heya! Been quite a while since I've spoken to y'all, how's it been?

    • You are very welcome~

    • host here, I hope you guys are feeling ok!

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