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User ID: #130801
Username: DimkaDimintriFeline
Gender: Female
Registered: 22 Apr 2019, 10:57 pm

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Nickname(s): Call me Dim if you like! But any nicknames are fine ^^
Pronouns: she/her, but any pronouns are fine

Current Status / Updates and Announcements

I’m now a full-time univ student so I’m super busy, but I’m still around!! Feel free to say hi ^^ <3

Don't be shy with friend requests! I'll accept them all uwu

♥♥♥Other sites I'm on (most active to least)♥♥♥
♥♥Where my user is DimkaDimintriFeline♥♥
♥♥Where my user is other (Listed)♥♥
FlightRising (SnaccAttacc)

FNaF, rhythm games (Deemo, Cytus, Arcaea...), MLP (not the fandom just the toys and original show), Dream SMP, GTFO, Chook & Sosig, Rain World, Risk of Rain 1 & 2, Carousel horses, (primarily American Carousel Horses), Animatronics, (Rolfe and Earl <3, Mitzie Mouse,)


Most recent art piece


Things that I hoard: (Clickable)

~~~Wishlist:~~~ (Also clickable)
~The items I hoard ^
~Art of my babu, Ichor (his toyhou.se)

Will draw for wishlist items, please PM if you would like art in exchange for any of the above

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    • Waa thank you for the art of Colhoun! It looks amazing and I love it sm <33

    • Aaa the art looks so cute :))

    • You're welcome! Hope you have a good day too~

    • aa thank you for drawing Archie! ^^ He looks so adorable, and I'm glad you like his design! Thank you so much! <3

    • Hiya!
      I had to reroll one of the prizes from the Shapeshifting Jack-o-Pot because the previous winner was unable to respond, and your ticket was RNG'd as the new winner of the Disguised Sheep Villager. If you would prefer me to reroll, please reject the transfer. Thanks for playing!

    • aa tysm I'm honored you like my art! they are open, I just have yet to make a commission thread haha. I'm only accepting FD and USD though.

    • Awh its no problem! Thank you for volunteering!

    • Thanks so much for purchasing my Animal Stables!

    • Yup! I’ve got a pair already :> thanks for thinking about me tho ^^

    • Aaa thank u ;;;;
      Also I love the FV logo on your account that’s so cute-

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