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User ID: #130801
Username: DimkaDimintriFeline
Gender: Female
Registered: 22 Apr 2019, 10:57 pm

Profile description

Nickname(s): I quite like Dim and Tro, but any are fine!
Pronouns: I am female, but any pronouns are fine

Current Status / Updates and Announcements

Back from an unplanned illness-and-school-caused break! Thank you so much for being patient with me :D

I tend to get anxious/stressed out about notifications/messages/comments, although mostly messages. I apologize if I haven't replied or gotten back with you, it is most likely because of this. Please leave a comment on my profile or one of my villagers and give me a poke if it's been about a week since you contacted me!!

Don't be shy! I'll accept all friend requests uwu



♥♥♥Other sites I'm on (most active to least)♥♥♥
♥♥Where my user is DimkaDimintriFeline♥♥
♥♥Where my user is other (Listed)♥♥
FlightRising (SnaccAttacc)

Addicted to FNaF, (Springtrap, William Afton/Purple Guy, Lefty, Minireena,) Vintage MLP, (I enjoy the new MLP, but I don't consider myself a 'fan'. I am in love with collecting the old MLP figures and toys, however <3) Dream SMP, GTFO, Siren Head, Chook & Sosig, Rain World, Risk of Rain 1 & 2, Carousel horses, (primarily American Carousel Horses,) Animatronics, (Rolfe and Earl <3, Mitzie Mouse,) aBsOlUTe F U R R Y T R A S H

Painties I've made:

Most recent art piece


Things that I hoard: (Clickable)

~~~Wishlist:~~~ (Also clickable)
~The items I hoard ^
~Art of my babu, Ichor (his toyhou.se)

Will draw for wishlist items, please PM if you would like art in exchange for any of the above

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    • Hey there, Sunny here ^^
      That's good that you've been alright- I hope that if you do put a name to what you're going through, that it helps you!! Best wishes! I shall be moral support if you need it
      I'll tell her for ya
      Hopin to see you round! <3

    • Ahhh NP really I’m not on here often {besides to claim my daily rewards} and I don’t talk on any forums lol So the pleasure is all mine!

    • Haha yyyyup :)))) I’m probably gonna end up buying multiples to put into my gallery, the keepsakes and outfits collection, and then give stuff to my villagers OwO I would definitely love to have any unwanted feathers from you :00

    • I don't mind at all! c:

    • Oh gosh, wow, thank you so much! I'm really glad you find it useful!!! Thank you...!!!!

    • yep yep! thank you ♥

    • ehhh we've been better. goin thru one of those rough spots

    • Thanks for buying from my stall lil dude.

    • Oh my goodness! I know you! You've talked to Nab and Jest a lot, haven't you? And thank you for the compliment, you have quite a nice name yourself ^^
      It's been alright, what about you?
      Oooh, also, we've found a quaint site called Element, I don't know if you know about it? It's kind of like Discord, haha
      I brought it up because I was wondering if you'd like to talk on there, I think you'd get along well with some of our other friends ^^

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