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User ID: #719
Username: RadioactiveAcid
Gender: Male
Last Online: 25 Oct 2021, 10:02 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:02 pm

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css testing sorry

In the meantime here's some info about me:

-I use he/him pronouns

-You can call me Radio

- Im not as active or social on here as I used to be for personal reasons but I still pop on every now and then!!

- If you ever have an issue with me, I'd really rather you contact me privately about it so we can work something out, rather than publicly. My telegram is the same username as here, so feel free to message me there

- The Prince Plushie on site was custom site item commissioned by me, and is of my Fursona, Prince. This was before Furvilla changed the custom rules to exclude peoples personal characters. Anyway, while the item itself is available for users to collect and use onsite for profiles and in game collections, I would rather you not use the artwork itself for painties or personal artwork and off site artwork and such, since he is still my fursona and still owned by me

3180-prince-plushie.png 3180-prince-plushie.png 3180-prince-plushie.png

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    • DUDE??? your css is literally so cool

    • hey, its been a while hasent it huh? ^-^

    • No problem I've been trying to get the Hope pet which is Monomi but seems hard to get, rare after all.

    • They should still be active. that site is full of fandom based pets just how to get is the trick I forgot how I got mine but I loved them moment I got them. but is a shop you can get see if anyone is selling them on that site.

    • VERY good icon a+!

    • You're welcome! I like him a lot as well jjsnsjsn he's like, my third favest boi <3

    • I'm sorry but I love your entire forum look jsnsj

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