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User ID: #50842
Username: flashwolf
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 9:08 am

Profile description

Hi, I'm Flash. I like to collect lots of piles of lots of things. I especially like crystals.

My goals include:
- Completing my menagerie.
- Collecting all magical/non magical versions of plushies and stones and stickers.
- Collect all stamps (SOME DAY I WILL START THIS).
- Get top level animal trophy.
- QUESTS? (I've started this again - I need 2 of each Gembound plush argh.)
- Be the strongest wolf in all of Furvilla.

You don't have to thank me for buying things 'cause I already buy a lot of things and thanking me won't get me to BUY MORE things. I will keep buying things when I want to buy things, because I like to buy things. Instead, thank YOU for selling things I like to buy!

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    • Thank you for shopping at my stall!

    • thanks for the purchases

    • hey, thank you for buying from my stall! <3
      I know that you said "dont need to thank me" but I just need to do it, I'm a player who dont spend money in the game so your purchase was a lot of FD for me, tbh I'm still kinda in shock with that LMAO

    • Thank you for shopping at my stall
      come again any time.

    • thanks for sweeping up my stall!

    • No worries, that’s totally fair! Good luck to ya in that case!

    • Oh yeah! I’m mainly interested in the minipets in your stall at the moment. I’m working on getting my own Warren trophy set as of now and I believe I’ve got everything there plus 170 stored away feast fairies which I believe are around 15FD each if I remember correctly?

    • Flash, Flash, hundred yard dash, I was wondering if you’d be interested in trading some minis for anything I’ve got going in my stall? Totally fine if not, just figured I’d check in. Congrats on such a staggering lead on Warren btw!

    • Lel, thanks for the purchase =v=
      Very much appreciated

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