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User ID: #66519
Username: atilla
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 5 May 2024, 11:04 pm
Registered: 8 Jul 2016, 12:37 am

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im not active anymore! if you need to contact me, please use my tumblr or twitter (puppychomp)

hello, im atilla or puppy! im a 24 year old digital artist, ive been drawing for almost 10 years, and i love video games! some of my favorites are skyrim, fable, stardew valley, fallout, and sea of thieves!

if i seem to be ignoring you, or if i respond late to a ping or message, or i reply to someone else before you, its because i have anxiety and i get really nervous when talking to people. i promise ill answer, just please give me time! :'3

Woofslorp is my bf!! send him presents >:3c
Imoku is the nicest person in existence pls send them presents too!! <3

thank you anons for all the presents!!




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profile background by kroevolkture , and furvilla logo by Oni !

owed art:
Coyote_Carno (paid in usd, never received)


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    • No worries, I made several by crafting so it's ok

    • fellow rdr2 lover! hi!
      sadly i share a name with the worst character but i love that game so much. i've played thru the story about 5 times

    • Thank you! I'm not sure about submitting it; I'm just getting back into FV after a little over a year, so I'm not really familiar with submitting custom things. (If that's even what you mean? I only vaguely remember something about custom items being a new thing right before I took a break.)

    • :D Thankyou! It's so kind of you to go out of your way to send a compliment, that was a nice thing to brighten my day :)

    • Hi! Do you need more blossoms or other reagents? I have accumulated a bit. =)

    • Good luck okay? And I'm sorry if this is awful, it's been a long time since I drew something non-pony >.<


    • ahh ok! i use Krita so that program also has a stabilizer. thanks for the tip! :D

    • hello! your art style is really cute! how do you get your lines to be so smooth? :0

    • What is your favorite fallout game? Mine is number four.

    • Don’t feel like dieing! ( wait did I spell that wrong? ) I’m sure you’ve done what you can to help him, so it’s not your fault and I hope he improves! I felt like this when my aunt had cancer, but she got better and is now cancer free!

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