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Username: Oni
Gender: Female
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 10:29 am

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dum idiote comes back from a year(s)long hiatus and does the furry petsite thing

just visiting tep, you can actually eat the frozen water here and not die of dehydration

y'know what's also dumb. oceandome's like: "dont go in that cave, it's a monster. you'll get eaten. dont dive further, deep diving is dangerous btw. that trash you see in the sea? nah it's a shark, you'll get eaten." and every other village is like: "heehoo wanna touch this cool fairy? look at this person who's visiting! ain't all these places neat?" oceandome discrimination smh

"hey thank for stuff Oni you're a nice"

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    • Thank you for the fragment boost!! :00

    • Thank you for purchasing at The Traveling Tradepost! We’re always happy to help at affordable prices!

    • thank you so, so much!!! that was so kind, i really appreciate it <3

    • Omg thank you!!!! That's a lot of candycorn! You are a really wonderful person <3. Let me know if you need anything, I'll definitely help ^ ^

    • Thank you so much for the Alure's Flames 。(>ω<。) If there's ever anything you want in return just lmk!!! <3 Have a great day

    • i ran into your profile through a rad paintie you had
      i saw the song and the comments and i just

      i can't stop laughing

    • I came to say thanks but i saw the video u put in ur profile for ppl who wanna say thanks and it made me laugh

    • ghgfh thank you so much for the drax ;0;; my set... is complete and so is my heart

    • Thank you for the drax!

    • X3 thank you so much for the drax!

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