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User ID: #111555
Username: witchyvibes
Gender: Female
Last Online: 3 May 2021, 2:07 pm
Registered: 22 Feb 2018, 3:13 pm

Profile description

What's up! I'm Witchy and I love pet sites! I've been an avid user of pet sites like Neopets, Moshi Monsters, Webkinz, etc. since I was a little kid and this site brings back so many memories of these days :D

I'm pretty friendly and open to people wanting to talk so shoot me a friend request and a message if you wanna chat! I love new friends! <3

I've been a furry for about 4-5 years now!!

I love drawing and other kinds of art, movies, watching Netflix comedy specials, going on Tumblr, writing stories, creating characters, reading up on history, deep diving into Wikipedia articles and researching serial killers and other creepy things!

My profile is a mess I know. It's under construction!!



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    • You still doing the commissions? If not I totally understand I was just wondering.

    • I think I understand what you mean about Pop Team Epic I for one adore it, it's funny but not for everyone but I understand where you are coming from I for one love random nonsense it's funny but I can't stand Tim and Eric Awesome show...I guess some random shows are better then others but I never seen The Eric Andre Show to compare any of these.

    • points at your gallery
      it me

    • Fun battles earlier~ You had me going for a while with that poison combo~ Thanks for good battles and forcing me out of my comfort builds :)

    • Hey there! I noticed your commissions thread and I was wondering if you would want to trade sky coins for sun coins, or elegant feathers for insect wings if you have any. I know you have your commission trades to handle, but I can trade whatever's left that you might need to make it easier lol :)

    • Hello~!
      I'm a completely random user just wondering if ya got a toyhouse account by any chance~?
      I had recently traded ocs with an other user and it seems you are the creature of the design I had gotten :,3

    • You're very welcome! <3 May it bring you many victories. <-- Amadi made me say that one. xD

    • Aww you didn't have to send over anything, thank you so much though! ^-^ If you need help with anything else let me know! <3

    • Aw thank you so much:D

    • I love your villagers!

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