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User ID: #92573
Username: Conman
Gender: Male
Registered: 24 Apr 2017, 10:28 pm

Profile description

Hello, it's Connor. I haven't been active lately and I won't be for a good while. I'm very depressed and my mental health is absolutely terrible. If you need or want to contact me, my reddit is u/Leafeon1010 and my discord currently is kill me#2107. Thank you for reading, have a nice day.

Hi! I'm Connor. He/Him pronouns, please.

Feel free to shoot me a friend request or message if you like anything I like or wanna talk about whatever! I don't bite, I'm just quite awkward.

Also, thank you so so so much for any gifts! I've no idea why anyone would gift me but I really appreciate all the fairies and users that have gifted me over the years. I really appreciate it, and it always manages to make me happy!

Stuff about me:
-i'll probably cry if you do something nice to or for me
-I have social anxiety and have trouble talking to people.

-My old user was Leafeon1010

Mental Health Stuff:
Anxiety/Social Anxiety

probably more, i'm a mess.

Musicals I like: DEH, BMC, Spongebob, Lightning Theif kinda. Wicked, Beetlejuice, and bare are my total favourites!

Art, Musicals, Warriors, Pokemon/PMD, Tally Hall, Impractical Jokers, Professor Layton, Spirit Hunter

Ask me about stuff ^^

I always do my sig :>

My pfp was made by me!
My sig was made by me!
Character is Mina!

African Wild Corgi (Thank you CrunchyLatte!)
Striped Fennec Fox (Thank you PrayingMantis!)
Winged Corgi (I bred it!)
Witchies, Gaiacats, & Kitterpillars

(My ref, mostly)

Find me elsewhere!
Toyhou.se- Conman
Chicken Smoothie- Leafeon1010
DeviantArt- Leafeon1010

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    • thank you for the blossoms!

    • Yay, a Beetlejuice friend!

    • Holy crap, a ballad already?

    • Aww ty! <3

    • reminder to hydrate & get rest!!!!!

    • Hey Connor. Check your messages please n thank you.

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    • np I'll send another when I get one

    • hey you


      and dont forget that


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