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User ID: #29111
Username: Angeleina
Gender: Female
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 6:18 pm

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21 - she/her - FV +3

Hi! You can all me Angel/Angie! I'm pretty friendly, and some call me bubbly XD
Feel free to send me a friend request <3

I have been away for a fairly long time, so if i am behind on the drama, feel free to fill me in!

Shares an IP address with my bestie Jadeapess


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    • Would you be up for a trade of 100 FD on one of your Houndstooth Sweater Poms?

    • Thanks for the FD <3

    • Thank you, I will send a trade over in a moment. =3

    • Is there any chance you would accept 350 FD on the Eighties Vintage Silkie Chicken you currently have in the stalls?

    • Your profile CSS is gorgeous!♡♡♡ I love it so much!

    • Oh man, I'll definitely keep that in mind then! I think that most of the tattoo's I'd want to get are thankfully ones that would only require black ink, but if I ever did decide on a colored one, I'll be sure to save that for after I've gotten at least one before.
      Thank you for letting me ask you a bit about 'em! ; V ; < 3

    • Oooh, those both sound lovely! Space and cats-- The best combo!
      And I've definitely been trying to do some research on local tattoo artists-- It's just been a matter of narrowing it down to one that I can save toward + suit a style I'd like! A-And the whole needle thing, of course. @ ^ @ ;; Gotta try and overcome that for long enough to get 'em, pfff-- The back one wasn't too particularly painful, I hope?

    • And same here, hehe. I'm too hooked at this point.

    • Same here! But all in all I'm just hoping FV lasts. Things seem to be pretty slow here at the moment, but perhaps that's just since there isn't a festival going on at the current moment.

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