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Just a tired artist.

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    • hehee no problem <3 you can ask as much as you like!
      in fact, there are a looot of things out there such as charts and personal reviews on how much pain is experiences where, but of couse it depends on the person. for example, my forearm hurt WAY less than my back, but the pain on my back wasnt as bad as i thought. the closer the needle was to my shoulder blades, the more it hurt, the closer it is to the bone, the more it should hurt.

    • hehe I'm sure you'll find someone! <3

      XD and it was actually. you see, my tattoo required some deep, vibrant color, so the more vibrant the color, the deeper the needle goes. and that did indeed hurt., however, if it;s meely black ink, its not that deep, so it hurts less. o.o it;s more like a constant sting that you can adapt to <3

    • ooohh! hehe well i hope it goes well for you! It really depends on the artist, and i really suggest you do some research <3
      and nu i dont mind at all! I only have 2 tattoos, one on my back and one on my right forarm (it;s a cat and pawprints) I'd love to get another one, but money XD

    • hehe anytime <3
      and thank you again! XD I absolutely love space, i even have a tattoo on my back that;s space orientated!

    • hehe Aww thank you!! XD I didnt know she was that popular! <3
      Your villagers are super cute too!!
      and your CSS is gorgeous!

    • NOOO they were so cute I was just super surprised to get..... art in return @ o @

    • I just realized I never YELLED LOUDLY about how cute the doodles you did on my thread were oh my gosh. I love them. ;-; new OT3.

    • Aaaa your CSS looks really cool!!

    • thanks so much for the jack-o-lantern!

    • Ayo, love your signature! I'm not too far into Thrilling Intent, but my friend absolutely LOVES it, and they also love your signature :D I think it made their day !

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