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Username: Sassibirb
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:55 pm

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I may take a while to respond sometimes, and I promise it's nothing personal! I just get overwhelmed sometimes and need time to compose myself before replying. Talking can be very tiresome, and thank you in advance for your patience!

10/20/17 -
Got a max durability Sword of Discourse!

12/19/18 -
Got max durability Shield of Discourse!

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    • Fu (and me!) sends his thanks ♥ !! I always appreciate the sweet comments on Fu ;w;

    • The Golden Kitsune Trophy was given to people who got 10 battles during beta testing in the Standard Tourney.

    • I've been alright, thank you for asking! I hope you have as well

    • Oh yeah for sure unfortunately - I’d be down to sell them lower than stall prices though if that’s of interest to you. And thank you kindly - I’m definitely going to miss Furvilla and all its wonderful people as well.

    • The feathered dragon was a part of the furvilla sticker pack Series 1, which I believe is either bought with USD or given as a reward for spending a certain amount in them Furvilla Storenvy page. Hope that helps!

    • Sure thing! ^^ I set the prices to the FD equivalences for you.

    • yeah, I realized a while back I just log on every day and don't really do anything now.
      And there's so many other things I need to spend time on now.
      Thank you though, I will have fond memories of this site for quite some time.
      If you want anything let me know. (Also, is your icon Kokichi?)

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