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I may take a while to respond sometimes, and I promise it's nothing personal! I just get overwhelmed sometimes and need time to compose myself before replying. Talking can be very tiresome, and thank you in advance for your patience!

Kitsune collection in gallery :D my villagers Zorolth and Fleurri have my foxfire kitsunes, and the others from that breeding line are in my menagerie atm.

10/20/17 -
Got a max durability Sword of Discourse!

12/19/18 -
Got max durability Shield of Discourse!

Cool bases by the awesome Oreloki!!

Villagers 89

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    • I can't remember what exactly I put in but it was from the serpents pot, :) might have been 49 Super Sky Rocks?

    • Here's the majority of the Reshiram collection:

    • I can understand ups and downs too, I had heart surgery a second time in December 2020. And I didn't make the plushie but I did add the roses to it. Have I ever shown you my full Reshiram collection? I have about 100 figures, like 10 plushies and then every card released so far plus random things like bags, boxes, keychins, cases, art, shirts etc

    • Thank you! I hope you've been well too

    • Kind of late, but I wanted to thank you for the duels

    • The hidden thorns seem to work if you are faster on turn one or slower on later turns from what I have seen in battle. I remember that wisteria said thorns is bugged but from my experience slower opponents seem to work well on rounds that are later then round one so you just need a good setup that can survive hits. High endurance combined with items that give a percent damage reduction like the stone plate armors or kitsune spirit armor pieces can do wonders.

    • Omg it’s been so long! Glad to see that you’re still here ;u; and ahh I should really get the Kyrons running again, really miss those times TT thank you and hope to see you around aa

    • It would be pretty hard to make standard tourney balanced since once you banned one powerful setup there will always be equally powerful combinations to replace them. Right now I have a really power earthen glaive build on one warrior, a high intelligence sword of discourse build and heavy hitting Spectral Scythe build as well as an Aeron's Folly build. They would need to ban pretty much all battle dome drop weapons as well as end game crafting equipment. Though if you need a good strategy against curse strike tried hidden thorns, it returns twice the damage that they were going to do back on the attacker ;)

    • thank you so much! ;w; not sure if this is the right place to reply, but regardless <3 ty again!!!!

    • Thank you!!! She my floofy bab ;v;

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