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User ID: #8819
Username: Uendo
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 13 Apr 2021, 7:11 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:28 pm

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| Clover | 25 | INFP-T | She/Her | They/Them | Autochorissexual | Netherlands | +7 hours ahead FV time |
| LGBT Chimes Vistas | Commissions | Painties & Vistas | Emojis |

Click this to join our Discord server, I promise it's very poggers

I like to collect all the custom items on the site and put them in my gallery

Uendo Toneido
Occupation: Rakugo Artist

"Even if my performance isn't worth watching, I will certainly watch my words. I wouldn't want to say anything thoughtless and get arrested. After all, that'd be... a "raku-no-no"! Hee hee!"

****Formerly PlushKlavier****

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My boyfriend may be fictional but my love for him is not :pensive:


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    • Hawkfeather13
      Ever heard of the concept of there being consequences to your actions? It's funny how you say I'm being disrespectful towards you while you're the one who clearly doesn't know how to show respect towards others if you think you can tell artists they need to lower their prices to something that suits you personally. You did something bad, and when someone does something bad they have to be called out for it. I reposted my comment because it is important for you to realize that you can't get away from the consequences of your actions and that you can't just tell everyone to "ignore and move on" whenever you do something unacceptable, thieves don't get to tell police officers to ignore their burglaries just because they don't like it, the world doesn't work that way. If you can't or don't want to understand that what you did is wrong then that's on you, but I can guarantee you that if you continue to behave like this I'm not going to be the only one who's going to tell you off for it. I'm not planning on continuing to argue with you further after this comment.

    • Look here, I ignored you original comment Bc I dident want any trouble I I don’t want to start an argument. I don’t enjoy being yelled out for offering my advice, if she dident like it they could just ignore it. I don’t know why you messing with this in the first place but this is a stupid argument that I no longer wish to be a part of. Of you or stray chow chow keep messaging me disrespectfully like this I’m going to block the both of you. End of story.

    • Oh ok thank you ^-^ were they stolen or not?

    • At least that’s something!
      All I did was sit on my ass and listen to music hahA for future reference: don’t commission me because my turnaround time is quite long and I like to take my sweet time doing nothing in particular

    • Ndjdjdjdjeeekejihaia hello you know me already and I have come to say today that that was a hellish outage we experienced there
      At least we got a trophy!

    • When is FurVilla of recode?!!?

      And yeah, it is pretty cool!

      Also we just got a living SHIT-TON of snow

      And the plow people did an absolutely shitty job of plowing

      So we're basically stuck in hell


    • AAAAAAAA GRATS FRIEND! insert obligatory “Do YoU wAnT tO mEeT mE tOo?” here
      Seriously though I don’t really care if you do or not; its kfine

      It sounds like you had a good Crism! Our Crism was also good. We got to go see all the decorations again for the first time in years! Then we came home and watched Christmas shit for the rest of the night
      So far, the rest of break has been really boring
      Right now I’m just proving to myself that I have very little life
      We got a really bad storm over the weekend, and when I woke up, the snow was covering a third of the doorway
      Also not even an hour ago I realized that i might secretly be an 80’s fangirl

    • Well I guess FurVilla is just being ass, as usual, I guess

      But, I’d you didn’t know, it was just a picture comparing really cold shit to absolute zero

    • Aaaa yes, it is! I’m saving up for this character I saw (she’s real p u r t y :ok_hand: :sob:)
      And I feel like that would be me. I mean, I’ve done it to myself, so there’s a good chance that I’d do it to someone else too (which is sad but I’m incredibly unmotivated)

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