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Username: Raptorclaw
Gender: Mental Unhealth
Last Online: 18 Sep 2021, 10:58 am
Registered: 27 Nov 2020, 6:26 pm

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This got boring real quickly lmao I left the site btw

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    • oreo cool bean

    • There are a lot of websites that don't care for art theft or think that just because it's on the internet they can use it however they please, I'm glad you understand now that that is not the right thing to do

    • Showing the process of your coloring fine, but also do you understand that you can't just take someone else's art like that Crash Bandicoot fanart picture and use it for your own stuff? Even if you say you didn't draw it, the artist still did not make that picture for you to use to build your OC on, if you need references either write down a description of what they look like or use official media pictures but don't take the art of other artists

    • The Crash Bandicoot art absolutely does not belong to you since I found the artist here and I doubt you had permission from them to use their art for your OC, you can't just use another artist's art without permission for your own characters, even if the art was made of a character from a video game it was still not made for you to use, the Protogen character has Patreon watermarks all over the art so I doubt that piece of art belongs to you either, so once again you're not allowed to use it for your own OC, this gives me heavy doubts that you actually made the art for the Sergal and other OC yourself as well, unless you can link me to all the bases you used right now AND provide proof that you colored them yourself

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    • Well, I only did some edits to the original code, which was made by @/Lu! So it's nothing special really, eheh... ;u;

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