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User ID: #198470
Username: AliceSchattenkind
Gender: Female
Last Online: 7 Oct 2022, 11:11 am
Registered: 30 Oct 2020, 11:15 am

Profile description

Hi guys, I'm Alice!

A few things about me:

- I'm old (currently 30)
- Born in russia, live in Germany
- Cosplayer
- Digital Artist
- Love videogames (currently Overwatch, Factorio,
Hollow Knight)
- I've learned english mostly trough games and
webcomics so when my writing is strange just correct
me xD

I may take a little longer than usual to answer messages/pings ect as my anxiety makes it hard.
Also my dodo brain often forget that there was a message ...

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    • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This means so much thank you so much!!

    • Your generosity is much appreciated, but you sent the potions to the wrong person! ^^'

    • Aah tysm! <3

    • Wow thanks for buying so many seeds :0

    • Ditto on the Vista. It was the golden bird that caught my eye. Beautiful.

    • Oh wow I love your vista contest entry!! The watercolour effect on the paper looks really cool :DD

    • I'm from one of Germany's neighboring countries ;D

    • Whoa, that's really cool! I live in the upper northern/midwest part of America. I've been to the East Coast and let me tell you... a 24 hour drive split over 2 days isn't fun. You're lucky Germany is so small. And yeah, you said it right- it is federal states! In the US we only have states (but I'm sure you knew that, heh). I'd love to know more about your part of Germany- what it's like and such. If you want to know what my part of the country is like, I sure wouldn't mind telling you! Even if it is one of the more boring states...

      You know, I think it's cool that you know both English and German (if you live in Germany, you probably know the language, right?). I can seriously respect people who know more than one language, since I have such a hard time with it myself. I know they learn English very early on in Germany, but I still think it's awesome. And I have to say, from what I've seen, your English is really good! There's some nitpicky stuff here and there (what I mainly see is not capitalizing the I- proper nouns are always capitalized, and I is one of them (I'm certain you know that, I'm just saying in case you didn't know/forgot)), but whoever taught you taught you really well! If you want to know the meaning of a word, I wouldn't mind telling you! Just... not in German... because I don't know very much... but I can say that I'm a trillion years old! If that means something... if you want help with anything, just ask! I'm always willing to try!

    • You're from Germany? That's freaking AWESOME! What is it like there?? I've always loved the country! And me, being a filthy American, I just have to know! You know, I'm actually learning German in highschool right now! Not too great at it right now, but I'm getting there!

    • <3

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