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User ID: #117502
Username: Fire_V-Raptor
Gender: Demiboy
Last Online: 16 Aug 2021, 8:31 pm
Registered: 11 Jul 2018, 10:23 pm

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Found the Faerie of the Hunt on 18 Sep 2020, 1:17 AM, confirmed on 18 Sep 2020, 2:37 AM

Rapti Collection finished on 19 Sep 2020! Thank you everyone who helped me get all the Raptis!

Fire's Paintie approved on 20 Sep 2020, 4:35 PM!!! Thank you Montecello for the Paintie Ticket!!

Razor's Paintie approved on 22 Sep 2020, 5:07 PM!! Thank you Monster for the Paintie Ticket!!

Topsy Turvy's Paintie approved on 26 Oct 2020, 8:15 PM!! Thank you Technogore for the Paintie Ticket!!



Icon by an anon, thank you!


Just a dinosaur that has a species collection problem, haha. I'm up to role playing, so message me! I like Pokemon, Digimon, Doki Doki Lit Club, Angels of Death, Homestuck, Kirby, Sonic, Dinosaurs 9Is that obvious enough,) Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, Kill La Kill, Vocaloid, Hatoful Boyfriend... It's very likely that I know about something pop-culture-y/Japanese culture/video game related.

I want to get:
-250 Furdollars for Nobel's Paintie or a Paintie Ticket!!

-250 Furdollars for Kara's Paintie or a Paintie Ticket!!

-Gembound! Don't care how, just want one!

-Magic Blue Tang Manokit Sticker

-Magic Cheshire Big Cat Sticker

-Magic Jungle Raptor Sticker

-Magic Citrine Gem Raptor Sticker/Citrine Gem Raptor Sticker

-Magic Void Gem Raptor Plush/Void Gem Raptor Plush

-Magic Rainbow Gem Raptor Plush/Rainbow Gem Raptor Plush

-Magic Moonstone Gem Raptor Sticker/Moonstone Gem Raptor Sticker

-Magic Ruby Gem Raptor Sticker/Ruby Gem Raptor Sticker

-Magic Opal Gem Raptor Sticker/Opal Gem Raptor Sticker

-Magic Highland Gem Raptor Plush/Highland Gem Raptor Plush

-Magic Gem Raptor Sticker/Gem Raptor Sticker

-Magic Amethyst Gem Raptor Sticker/Amethyst Gem Raptor Sticker

-Magic Aquamarine Gem Raptor Sticker/Aquamarine Gem Raptor Sticker

-Magic Diamond Gem Raptor Sticker/Diamond Gem Raptor Sticker

-Magic Emerald Gem Raptor Sticker/Emerald Gem Raptor Sticker

-Magic Peridot Gem Raptor Sticker/Peridot Gem Raptor Sticker

-Magic Sapphire Gem Raptor Sticker/Sapphire Gem Raptor Sticker

-Magic Blue Topaz Gem Raptor Sticker/Blue Topaz Gem Raptor Sticker

-Blessed Lion Warrior Costume

-Collect every Velicoraptor Villager 10/11 (need Magic Jungle Raptor Sticker)

-Collect every Flailadon Villager 4/7 (need Magic Toxic Sticker, and Magic Royal Sticker)

Thank you Pikabolt for the Bandit sticker, Galaxy Costume, Feral Costume on Lavender and Beast Costume, Sublime-Sketches for the Sereph Raptor Plush, Aibrean for the Rainbow Rapti, @Snerd for the Magic Phoenix Velociraptor Sticker, Astral-fruit for the Penguin Velociraptor plush, Lord_King_Ferret for the Red Tailed Hawk and Bearded Vulture Velociraptor plushies, and the anon Sun for the Jungle Velociraptor Plush, and a huge thank you for everyone I may have forgot!

[b]You approach a group of animals, all running around and doing their own things. A fluffy, feathered Jungle Velociraptor was talking to a fellow Velociraptor, but the second one had large wings reaching out of it's back, glowing slightly and elegantly. A Gem Raptor, dressed in armor and glowing a warm yellow-orange shade, was watching the two talk quietly. A Manokit, dressed for the winter, was hanging around, wrapping it's tail around it's legs. A Wickerbeast wearing a kimono was trying to read a blueprint, though was reading it upside down. A Flailadon that looked like it had just risen from a shipwreak was messing with a dagger... Or was that a sword? It was hard to tell. A Leopard wearing a soft collar was playing with a small mouse. Finally, a Arctic Leodon was watching them, messing with it's mane. Past them all was a forest path, leading to a lake.

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    • That’s so cool! I love the species so much so I wanted to advertise them while they have the event going on ^o^

    • Heyo! Thought I'd pop by- is it ok if I shoot you a dm?
      Sorry if that's really random T-T

    • thank you so much for the wish <333

    • omg thanks for the tip!!

    • Thanks c:

    • Don't worry about giving too little. Any amount helps me! Thank you ^w^

    • After 3 years I've seen you again.

    • Thank you! I didn't open mine because it has a buff

    • How did you get a pickle? Did you cook it?

    • *kicks open door* i am a simp from the far lands here to thank you for loving gundham tanaka!

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