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Username: Astral-fruit
Last Online: 8 Jan 2020, 12:36 am
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    • Hey, what mode so you play fire emblem on? I play casual cause I don't want anyone to die and I suck at strategy

    • wooohoooo, im not the only texan on furvilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Holy crap thank you!!! Do you have a Toyhouse I can credit you with (also for that other cutie you did for me)? I'll name them both really soon!

    • I forgot about daddy finger,,,

    • Your page still blesses me

    • i'll have to add her to my list of characters i'll marry eventually
      also all I could think of was just some FE Youtube playthrough titled "Fire Emblem Playthrough: Try Not to Marry Chrom [Harder Than it Looks, Not Clickbait]"

    • are your commissions open?

    • My friends kept saying "Everyone marries Chrom first. Some of them by choice. Some of them on accident." And I swore to them I was gonna marry Stahl first just to spite them XD but then literally like. Five seconds into the cut scenes/intro I was like "Yeah. Okay Yeah I really see why people marry him." I have a whole order of how many playthroughs I plan to do and who I plan to marry on each one XD

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