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Alright. I came back for a moment just to fix some things. Sorry all for my old content and behavior.

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      I don't have cable anymore :')

    • -replies with dragon noises-

    • I currently have 15000 fc, would that work? If not im sure i can get more

    • Funny thing is, it really depends on the bird. My parakeets were always horrified of wood blocks and popsicle sticks. They wouldn't touch them. But they'd destroy anything with beeds and thick string. xD

    • Anything small. OvO I personally find they like beads, small plastic parts, and medium/thin rope. :D

    • Sorry to disappoint, lol!

    • Thanks! I appreciate the comment~!

    • I finished your sketch jsyk! I mispinged you at first but it's there

    • Hey! I saw your comment on my profile! Feel free to set up a chat! And I'm terribly sorry that I'm so late getting back to you! School just started where I am, and let me tell you, it's crazy!

    • Hey there, lovely, I read your profile desc, and honestly, I'm concerned for you!! If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm definitely here for you! <3

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