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User ID: #40847
Username: papaemeritus
Gender: demon
Last Online: 8 May 2021, 1:51 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 10:25 pm

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I don't usually accept random friend requests so if you'd like to talk shoot me a message instead! I'm not the best talker but I'll try!


rip in peace frostbite we won't forget you


Anarchy ♕ 21 ♕ Trans ♕ BPD ♕ ADHD ♕ Dyslexia ♕ Ghoul ♕ Sinner ♕ MCRmy ♕ Undead Army ♕ Skeletøn Clique ♕ Young Blood ♕ Slipknot Fam ♕ Gear

♕ it/its ♕ they/them ♕

please only add me on discord if you are interested in commissioning me or if we've talked in dms beforehand!

call me Anarchy or my username please.

I like pop punk and metal and 2000's pop, I have a lot of favourite bands. I love to draw, furries and humanz. I'm a scene/emo kid at heart at the ripe old age of 21. My fav shows are Metalocalypse, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Parks and Rec. I love wolves, spooky stuff, anime, sleeping and good food. I work at a haunted house and when that's not open, I just be drawing.
I am not human! I'm a demon soul and a wolf soul stuck in a human body. There is a human soul still in the vessel too, though, just a bit... warped, from the power of the other two XD regardless, I'm just Something Else stuck in a mortal body.

I am Luciferian!


My pronouns are it/its or they/them.
If you're truscum/transmed please don't interact, feel free to block me.
If you're anti-kin please don't interact.
If you're anti-self shipping, please don't interact.


d6skeo6-3adc7941-3985-41a1-be05-a748eac9in a wonderful relationship with Obito Uchiha as of 12/08/20!d6skeo9-cd7f4638-69e4-4a99-9ac0-1ea50f82


♕Character Kinlist ♕
Rin Okumura
Toki Wartooth
Lucifer Morningstar
Bakugo Katsuki
Kylo Ren
Izaya Orihara

essentially, i see a lot of myself in each of these characters, deeply relate to each of them and their individual traits and stories, and overall truly feel like they and i were meant to be. if you put them all together, you'd get me!



previously Grimmjow but papaemeritus was free and was too good to pass up!



♕ CSS by alxq

♕ Grimmjow Divider from Ankoku-Sensei

♕ Rose divider by beruruSTAR and rose bullets by AngelicHellraiser


Commissions I'm working on:
My Commissions Trello


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    • I just wanted to say that i'm sorry for bothering you.

    • perhaps yukio is one who doesn't listen to music in front of people I can see your point tho also hope your being safe in this chaos of a world

    • It’s no problem. I have people getting angry so I like to solve things nicely have a good night/day!

    • Ok, I’m sorry. I willl refrain from doing it again ok?

    • Ok, sorry if I came off as rude or offensive, I won’t do it again. (But this is still an game does it matter very much...? Sorry if it matters a lot to you I’ve seen people do what I did before)

    • Yeah, I would’ve but I feel like very few people rad that And would answer it? I just wanted to speed it along so someone else could enjoy

    • Lol sorry for not replying but ya anything thats got an angsty theme to it would be something rin would listen to and yukio would just have to put up with it cause they are in the same room as one another

    • OMG rin and suguro just singing the I can do anything better than you song from Annie get your gun just popped into my from that yukio just walking in on the two singing it and being like 'y brother is a gosh darn nerd. But that'd be so true also finding if rin had a favorite band I feel be three days grace cause a lot their songs connect to him or any other post-grunge alternative rock band (basically your goth music that has anything dealing with feeling lonely,angry, and misunderstood would just connect strongly with him)

    • OMG that'd be so true and I see but rin would have a prank account, a cooking with rin account and maybe an account for blogging his daily life inside the cram school but honestly suguro just likes to fight with him cause he's the son of satan and suguro must defeat satan so why not fight with rin least he's somewhat 'training' for the big day using rins idiocy and temper as a way to practice dealing with the real thing. I have now realized the only reason suguro and rin are rivals is cause suguro views him as a training target/rival cause they have the same ambition (only I think rin has a better shot at defeating his own father so long as he gets stronger and surpasses dad anyway)

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