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Villager: Frankiie Freakk

Ghouliie Gummiie


Villager Info

ID: #246430

Name: Frankiie Freakk

Gender: Scene Kid

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 10 months ago

Career: None

Owner: Grimmjow

Species: Canine

Color: White

Costume: Pirate


House: Quetzal Palace House (58/58)

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Frankiie Freakk looks stunning!


Frankiie's Toyhou.se


heart_bullet___purple_by_twisted_troll-dstar_bullet__f2u__by_celestiyale-d9hwp3m Frankiie Freakk star_bullet__f2u__by_celestiyale-d9hwp3mheart_bullet___purple_by_twisted_troll-d
Androgyne/Scene Kid
Sceenie Weenie Sparkle Meanie
Consumes at least three tubes of glitter a day


Francine Celeste Holmes is a 21 year old party pup and the sceeniest weenie of them all. They work at the Spencer's at the local mall for the employee discount. They frequent parties with local alcohowlic Gothica and Chelle, along with fellow party-goer Aron, and their other friends: Alhie, Almei, and Maggie.
They also love to spend time with their emo boyfriend Parker.
Frankiie is the rambunctious friend. They follow Gothica around and have fun no matter what they end up in, even cheering on Gothica when she gets in a fight - much to Chelle's annoyance. They love to have a good time and have a way of cheering anyone up and know how to get a party back on its feet if it starts dying down too early. They try to get Chelle to relax but she's too busy stressing over Gothica to even take a second to chill. They are the youngest of the three, and Chelle (and even Gothica) tend to babysit them on occasion due to Frankiie's often childish demeanor. They have an extreme sweet tooth and love for glitter.
Frankiie is care-free, sociable, easily-excited, goofy, and fun-loving.

Frankiie is my secondary sona and FELLAS? IS IT GAY?? TO SHIP YOUR SONAS?





scene_checkered_stamp_by_megz16death-d36 charlie_scene_stamp_by_rememberilovedyou blood_on_the_dance_floor_stamp_by_naruhi hollywood_undead_stamp_by_paramourxlight
stamp__i_rawr_you_by_xpedr0.gif i_support_being_random_stamp_by_the_emo_ stamp_trashy_trashy_by_chivi_chivikstamp
glitter_by_q3dr-d2zub4x.gif lisa_frank_unicorn_stamp_by_namelessstam 3fda2d746791cad8ca28dd4b1132d601-d2m0ix1 nyan_by_blubble_the_blubs-d3eltmi.gif
invader_zim__s_gir_stamp_by_dn_revenge.p got_sparkle_dogs___resized_by_yiffys-db7 metro_station__stamp__by_paramourxlights

heart_bullet___black_by_twisted_troll-da Heart Bullets by Twisted-Troll heart_bullet___black_by_twisted_troll-da

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heart_bullet___black_by_twisted_troll-daBackground pattern from Pattern Vomit heart_bullet___black_by_twisted_troll-da




Comments 31

    • Ah, yes. Lisa Frank. I LOVE IT!!!!

    • dude yessss!!! I freakin love your sona too, all the colors ever mixed with the awesome amount of Scenecore, just perfect!!! I hope you have an amazing day! ^-^

    • [gestures to both]
      Is this self love

      Snekk is envious


    • I know right I can't believe it's been that long and you made them!! the years go by so fast,, also I love your villagers !! Merry Christmas to you also!

    • I love her so much!!! AAAAAAA!!

    • i love thisssss oh my gosh

    • Wow, thanks for your comment like, 5 months ago lol - it's actually kinda cool to see another uni-canine! Love your colour pallet <3

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