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Username: hollystar24
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AJ-same username as on here
FR-same username as on here
T.V. show's I like: The Cleveland show,King of the hill,Family guy, bob's burger,american dad, F.R.E.I.N.D.S, north woods law,River monsters, Magnum P.I. (old T.V. show),two and a half men
Favorite anime's:Naruto, Blue exorcist,fruits basket,Miss kobayashi's dragon maid,demon slayer,SAO (sword art online),food wars,future avengers (marvel anime),avengers disk wars (yet another marvel anime lol),infinite dendrogram
A few of my favorite characters: Naruto uzumaki, Rin okumura, Hulk, Loki, Izuku midoriya, Katsuki bakuguo, Shoto todoroki, Shota Aizawa (the list can go on and on forever)

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    • I'd just like to say, Rin is one of my favourite anime characters in existence. UwU have a lovely day or night or whatever it is for you right now ^-^

    • I can totally see Yukio buying Rin headphones a lot LOL! Every time he wears out a pair or breaks them on accident. I wonder if Yukio would like music at all. I know some people don't, he doesn't strike me as the type to listen to much.

    • omg YES i literally have a Rin playlist!!! it was the first character playlist i ever made so it needs some work but tbh let me see if there's any three days grace on there, i swear there probably is because i love them LOL.

      YEAH I HAVE ANIMAL I HAVE BECOME ON THERE LMAO! I also have Monster by Skillet, two Simple Plan songs... yeah, it's like all angsty teen music XD which is exactly how it should be, LOL. I should clean it up and improve it now that I'm better at making character playlists.

    • ohh youre so right!!! he'd totally have a cooking account with a huge following!!! that's one of the few things i dont have in common with him XD i suck so much at cooking. all my skill points went straight into drawing and that's it LOL Suguro and Rin are definitely like, frenemies. To me they support eachother lowkey but highkey compete at everything XD I think Suguro's thought process is likely, "Anything Rin can do I can do better" and Rin's is, "anything Suguro can do, I can do better" XD so they always try to outdo eachother. But in the end they should be on the same team ^^ I like to think it's healthy competition lmao! And sorry for the late response!!! (hopefully all of this comment makes sense, my page crashed for some reason and I can't tell if I copy pasted all of my message or only part of it LOL orz)

    • I've actually never watched MHA lol! It's super popular but I often get invested in just rewatching animes as opposed to trying out new ones XD I recognize a few of the character sometimes, though, and have friends who cosplay from it. A couple of them insist I need to watch it but XD I feel like I'm so far behind now, LOL.

      and LOL I just imagine Rin chugging milk after and giving himself a stomach ache. He'd definitely run a prank account where he's always trying to mess with Yukio or Suguro or something XD I think Shima and Konekomaru would be like "he's just kidding, don't take him seriously" but you know Suguro would fight him over anything dumb XD he'd be like "quit playing around!!! can't you take anything seriously!?"

    • LOL honestly! Rin is tough but that doesn't mean he should keep subjecting himself to as many painful feats as possible XD and sorry for the late response!!! I'd been wanting to answer but sometimes I find it hard to sit down at the computer some days ^^;

    • LOL! rin is definitely the person in fail compilations. trying to do the cinnamon challenge or get his sword back from a dog and yukio is just wondering how he's survived this long XD
      rin: "hey everyone welcome back to my youtube channel today i'm going to be eating the hottest pepper known to man, now i-"
      yukio, kicking the door down: "I AM NOT ALLOWING YOU TO DO THAT!!!"

    • oh that makes me even more excited XD i really love him a lot, he's definitely one of my all time fav characters. i love a lot of demons XD i remember when i was kind of putting together a post of "blue exorcist characters as vines" and Rin was the "what up, im jared, im 19, and i never learnt how to read" one XD

    • :D awesome! thanks so much! I'm rewatching it way faster than I intended because it's just so good, I can never stop watching! So I'm excited to get to the second season XD

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