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Username: Alyx_0_0
Last Online: 21 Dec 2020, 7:34 am
Registered: 1 Dec 2020, 4:54 pm

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I be a weeb of the manga variety. My favourite character of all time is Amajiki Tamaki from My Hero Academia. He is adorable.

I also love Nightmare Before Christmas!

I'm a transgender mess and idk what else there is to say XD

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    • I swore I commented last night. I think FV ate my message. XD I love moths too! I really like luna moths because they're so beautiful, and poodle moths for how cute and fluffy they are.

    • Magic and fantasy is my favorite, honestly. It's just so good! My profile is CSS, done by alxq and the background image was a free use image I found that I loved and it fit the blue themes I lean toward really well. :D

    • It would depend on the anime for me to simp over a character! I think I simp for deidara the most.

    • Heck yeah! One of my favorite places to RP was in a NMBC-themed setting. I miss it so much.

    • oh no i'm sorry i didn't read the per derablity point thing (even though it's Right In Front of my face) i will change that i'm sorry! (i'm stupid is what i meant to say lol)

    • now they don't require FD and since i am using part a my wood supplie i thought that those prices would be fair

    • i did update my repairs

    • thank ya! made it myself haha <3

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