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User ID: #22297
Username: thePurple
Gender: Female
Last Online: 8 Dec 2023, 12:37 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 10:20 am

Profile description

Hello! I'm Purple [[FORMERLY barnowl117]]
she/they/fae | asexual | sfw artist
Pisces Sun / Gemini Moon \ Leo Ascendant

I pop in every few days or so

I'm here to vibe and stuff.

Wings of Fire
Code Lyoko
My Chemical Romance
Twenty One Pilots
Fall Out Boy
Veterinary medicine

flight rising

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    • I love your forum signature

    • no problem!! :)

    • AAaa thank you so much for the complement! ^^ It made my day! <3

    • Ty for the potion!

    • Thank you for the potion! Means a ton! ;v;

    • Omg I love your signature!

    • I just have the one name Code Lyoko, Didn't know there were more XD

    • When you mean Code Lyoko....your no talking about that old TV show and DS game are you?

    • I got it thank you so much it is so beautiful When I get a paintie ticket I will definitely use it as a paintie

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