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Villager: Alhena Delphinus



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ID: #228927

Name: Alhena Delphinus

Gender: Star-Maned Wolf Kin

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 9 months ago

Career: Cook

Owner: Grimmjow

Species: Canine

Color: Timber


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/151)

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Approved: 20 Mar 2017, 12:08 am

Likes: 76 ♥

Tags: pink orange cute wolf black maned wolf cream baker maned grimmjow chef cooking career

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Alhena Delphinus's very special treasures!


HOLY SHIT NY'ALL... THANK YOU SO MUCH,, ALHENA'S HONORED,, seriously this makes me so happy aslfgjns

Gamma Geminorum ; Gamma Geminorum, the third brightest star in the constellation Gemini. It has the traditional name Alhena.

; The term Alhena is derived from the Arabic Al Han'ah, "the brand" (on the neck of a camel, a white spot).

Alhena Elizabeth Delphinus
Female-presenting, Alhena - like her twin brother - is born of stardust, her creation falling in the month of the Gemini. She is depicted as a Maned Wolf, a species hailing from South America. From afar, she looks graceful, regal in her actions. Upon gaining her trust, she becomes much more vulnerable. She is sensitive and kind, and devotes much of her time to helping others.

Alhena can often be found doing yoga, or baking sweets. She loves to draw, and maps stars in her free time. At night, she lays out and looks upon the stars she feels so close to. Her biggest wish is to one day walk among them, just as she had before she was sent to this Earth.



baking sweets
loud music
Meowrina and the Diamonds
the colour pink
drawing maps

being lonely
awkward chitchat
having responsibilities
making mistakes
being sad

doesn't really like anyone romantically
pretty mentally ill
stone cold inside, warm outside
will order food first if you're anxious
stutters when they ask if she wants sauce
was my original sona

css by teacup


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