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Username: Eclipsemoonproducts
Gender: Male
Last Online: 15 Jan 2021, 3:21 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 4:30 pm

Profile description

im a young male, who has been in the furry fandom for a while now,
currently in desperate need of a paintie ticket
Xeren is a Hispanic pinto, and my main, he's a very sweet young Bab, he loves helping people and other furries with buildings and usually helps Cherry, who can't build at all, heck she can't even tape a present without managing to set it on fire. The two are close friends and actually live together, though he hides away watching anime mostly

painties to do (In order of Most needed to Least): Damien (Remake)
Cherry (Remake)
Luke (Remake)
Maxie (First)
Malone (Possible species change, First Paintie)

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Villagers 11

Comments 6

    • Zombies would be right up Jayden’s alley.

    • awww thank you ^^ Your villagers are really cute~

    • L3MM3 73LL 0YU 4B0U7 H0M37TUKC

    • I smelt a homestuck over here

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