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User ID: #111284
Username: CandyCarnivore
Gender: Male
Last Online: 11 Apr 2021, 12:34 pm
Registered: 16 Feb 2018, 11:11 am

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Check out the closed
species Fryktiles, of which
I am a proud member
of the design team for!
I’m just a guy that enjoys
everything aesthetic
and everything dinosaur.
I love making dinosaur content and I’m
currently working on a story involving
my dinosaur characters called Realm
of Revival, or ROR for short. If you like
dinosaurs too consider checking out
what I do! I’m also currently experimenting
with mascnames for myself since I
haven’t officially picked one yet, so
sorry if there’s any confusion!
And if you wanna give me a follow
I’d be more than appreciative!
My Instagram
Gallery = Aesthetics

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    • Gosh their all super adorable!! Thanks for showing me :)

    • All the dinosaurs get pets from me lol very tired arms and hands after but well worth it

    • Welcome back, Candy! I hope that you are doing well ❤ Low key probably gonna draw you some gift art...

    • Acirazzi is aesthetic as hecc

    • Ooo that sounds cool :DD I'll keep my eye out for stuff you post ^^

    • Oh rad!! Same username as here I'm presuming??

    • Oh dang you're leaving, ngl I'm gonna miss seeing your raptor characters on here :OO Hope the future is good for you!! ^^

    • oh, it's okay. i'll miss you

    • hey, do you have a toyhouse or something where I can still see your characters?

    • Thank you for the plushies!

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